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    Confused about Wazine 17.

    I do see my previous reply now.
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    Confused about Wazine 17.

    I don't know where my reply went. I have 7 large hens, 3 medium, 9 bantams & 8 chicks. Vet said lab report showed roundworms but I had had other issues. I lost three recently to different things alrho two of those had soft shell eggs (one pushed her insides out). I am having a problem will soft...
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    Confused about Wazine 17.

    I have seven large, three medium, 9 bantams & 8 chicks. I've had a problem with diarrhea & I've used Corid, Wazine Safeguard, BMD Soluble, tetracycline, tylosin on one bantam who died. Recently lost total of 3 chickens, one with fatty liver, one with oviduct problems from soft shell eggs. Vet...
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    Confused about Wazine 17.

    Where can I buy those items and how do you measure 10%?
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    Hen is panting, but it's not hot.

    I have a similar problem. My adult Japanese Bantam hen is panting. I have her in the laundry room which is 75 degrees. She also has diarrhea. I took a different hen to vet 2 days ago. That hen is now on Baytril for congestion plus she had worms so I started all chickens on fenbenzadole...
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    That looks just like the first egg from one of my Black Copper Marans hens. The other BCM hen atarted laying this week and hers are solid dark brown. Hmmmm?
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    I got three Golden Comets on April first just a few days old. They were four months on August first. I wasn't looking for eggs yet but just checked the straw in the next box this past Monday. There were five tiny eggs in there! Got two more the next day.
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    Golden Comet Chickens, HELP!

    I am trying to do this on my phone. I uploaded one of my four month old Golden Comets. They started laying last week!
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    trouble with snakes eating eggs

    When I see a snake in my nest box with an egg in its throat (last week) it is obviously a problem for me. I was wondering why I wasn't getting many eggs anymore. When I found what I think was the same snake inside my chicken coop and run which is 99.9% covered in hardware cloth with what looked...
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    HELP! Sores on combs and wattles

    Thanks. I think I'll just start everyone on something again.
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    HELP! Sores on combs and wattles

    If chickens have been treated with iodine and antibiotics, is it possible for them to get fowl pox again? I cleared up my hens a year ago but some of them seem to have small black spots on their combs again. Also, when y'all say probiotics where do you get them and how do you administer them?
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    Ended Coop Page Contest #1 - Win a $20 BYC Store Gift Certificate!

    Is it ok to enter if you started with a kit? The wire enclosure is the best part.
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    I have all hens: five buff orps, two new hampshires, one americauna and four mixed breeds (RIR & americauna). They have all been in separate pens, chicken tractors, etc., especially the americauna since no one seems to like her. I have a new coop and bigger wire enclosure.I put the Americauna...
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