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    chopped blood feathers, lots of blood on tail, antibiotic?

    Hi, one of my EE came out of the coop this morning with tons of blood on her tail. After taking a look at it I see there are about maybe 6-7 large blood feathers along with a few smaller ones that are chopped off, they are now about an inch and shorter long. I know all of my chickens well and I...
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    Hen stopped laying from stress? not sure

    We have a 7month old hen named Abby (my profile pic is her as a chick), she is one of our best layers and all of a sudden she's stopped! Its been about 3 weeks now and still no eggs from her. One of our RIR has pecked a bunch of Abby's cheek feathers out on one side, the RIR has never done that...
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    Review by 'click cluck' in article 'My chicken coop!'

    This is great! I wish I could say I only spent 10$ on mine, oh my lol. I will agree that you should put some bigger roosts in, You can sand down the edges of a 2x4 and put that in, have them perch on the wider part. I know how much work building a coop is, we have built 2! One 8'x16' and the...
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    Review by 'click cluck' in article 'A Simple Way to Keep Chickens Cool for the Summer.'

    I myself have the same mister, I got it at Walmart. I like the way you attached it to the trees, creative! I attached mine onto my run fence since it was close to my faucet. The chickens do love them! Mine also like digging in the mud lol. Great article! I just wrote my first today as well on...
  5. Keeping your chickens Cool! (New content!!)

    Keeping your chickens Cool! (New content!!)

    Hi guys! Since today is so hot out I figured this is something I can do out of the heat. Outside my window right now its 118, but my chickens are just fine. Before I list any other methods of keeping your chickens cool I want to list the life saver, The hessaire swamp cooler. (note: swamp...
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    Best Fly Spray?

    I don't know of a fly spray but I do know of an amazing fly trap! Its called rescue fly trap, Ill try and link one. I live in a dry climate and it works amazing for me, I know I did have a few humid days and it did not work so well. I had to throw it out after 5 days because there were about 4"...
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    New castle disease in southern California!!!!

    As of today there have been 43 confirmed cases of new castle disease in southern CA. 40 in SDB, 2 in riverside, and 1 in LA. I have heard they have gone to over 66,000 homes already and taken there birds away. Please be very carful where you go and practice good health safety with your birds to...
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    Chick ate string!!!!Help!!

    Hi, I had stupidly put some yarn up in the coop for my chicks to play with, it was tied on a perch. Well later my sister came into the house holding one of our week old buff Orrington's with the yarn about 2-3in in her throat and the rest of it wrapped around her foot. I tried to gently pull it...
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    HELP!!5 week old cannibal! feather pecking!!!

    I have 23, 5 week old chicks, all of which have been doing fine until a few days ago, I noticed one of my EE had a strip of feathers missing down her back. I had though she did it to herself then I saw one of the others (dusty, another EE) pecking more. I took her out and checked the other...
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    Light brahma pecking feet feathers?

    Ill look and see if I can find that stuff, thanks! I don't think its mites btw, her leg are clean. she is low in the pecking order so I wonder if some of the others are doing it, haven't seen it though.
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    Light brahma pecking feet feathers?

    I have a light brahma (chip) who is pecking the feathers her own feet. shes about 15 weeks old. It looks horrible and sometimes bleeds slightly, her legs just have sticks on them. I see no sign of scaly leg, is this common with feathers feet breeds? thanks for any help.
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    Chickens Are Hot!

    My chickens are about the same age and I have about 100 degree weather outside right now. I have put extra shade in the run and also added a cement mixing tub lined with bricks and water for them to stand in/on, if they don't like being in the water have the water line lower then the bricks, it...
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    Help Your Flock Beat The Heat!

    I am going to try one of those diy coolers for camping, they are made of a cooler with ice in it and a fan. I want to try this one. It gets about 120 where I live sometimes, so hopefully this will help!
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    Official BYC Poll: Which waterer is better: Nipples or cups?

    I had nipples in my brooder for my first batch of chicks... will never do again! They make the fluff sooo wet and one of my chickens (chip,buff brahma) took "dust baths" in the wet fluff. I then had to get out the hair dryer and dry her off THEN I had to remove all the stuck fluff in her...
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    sour bread smell from feed? Is it bad?

    Sorry I cant reply to you all individually, but I read all of you comment and have taken each into consideration. I've come to the conclusion that its not "rotten" but to be on the safe side I will buy from another store and different company. my chickens seem to be doing fine in the meantime...
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