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    I'm sorry to say,but we don't have Chocolates now. We have our turkeys to a friend for their...

    I'm sorry to say,but we don't have Chocolates now. We have our turkeys to a friend for their first turkeys. If you'd like, I can ask them.
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    Sex of frizzle and Welsummer?

    Yep! Both ladies!
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    Comment by 'CochinLover1' in article 'Ariannas Chicken Coop'

    Wowzers!!!!! An inspiration for sure! Love the imagination. And your birds are in beautiful condition!
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    have 40 acres I am thinking pastured chicken farm

    That does sound like a great opportunity for chickens. I pasture raise my birds on 19acres and they love it. I've got a wide variety of breeds but from my experience australorps, Easter eggers, Rhode Island reds, Orpingtons, Lakenvelders, and our barred rocks are the best foragers for our free...
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    My baby chicks

    They look very cute! If you send some more pics of the unknown breed I can help. I know my breeds pretty well :)
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    Any hope?

    In my experience, I've never seen movement when I candle. There is always hope. I had 3 out of 6 shipped hatching eggs hatch after I was in a horrible car accident with them. There is always hope but do not expect a high hatch rate :/
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    what breed is this hen? Winco parking lot find!

    Yep. Definately an easter egger gal ;)
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    Pullets or cockerels

    I would wait another 2 weeks and send more pics to be sure. Though, the second chick pic looks to be a cockerel. The shape of the wattles are pretty large at this age and very red. Too young to be 100% certain but that's my observation. :)
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    Assorted Coturnix Quail

    Too far for shipping?
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    Rainbow egg layers , HERITAGE TURKEY eggs available now LIMITED amount, Ameraucanas, Buckeyes, Biele

    I will be willing to sell this amount. Since it is such a small amount I'll charge $1 per egg. All you'd have to really pay is the shipping. And I'd send free extras to increase the hatch rate and possible shipping damages.
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    Assorted Coturnix Quail

    Hello! I am selling quail eggs by the dozen with free extras. Here are the costs. 1 dozen = $7 plus shipping 2 dozen = $14 plus shipping 3 dozen = $20 plus shipping 4 dozen = $25 plus shipping I have recently gotten into Coturnix Quail for my senior project. I am selling hatching eggs and...
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    New here

    Welcome to BYC! Chickens are great. I hope you enjoy the adventures your chickens take you.
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    Wounded wing

    And any feathers in that area, pluck them out.
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