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    Schenectady, NY - Chickens?

    Yes it is old. There was a vote last september but I can't find out the outcome.
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    Schenectady, NY - Chickens?

    Real longshot - does anyone know if we are now allowed layer hens? There was some discussion back in august, but I have seen nothing since.
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    Breeding meat birds

    Don't suppose you took pics or kept any records?
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    Threads on Breeding Meat Birds

    Hey All, Haven't been active on here in about a decade. But, buying some property and moving back out of the city! Wondering if there are any thread people can think of that documents the raising/crossing/breeding of meat birds. I remembered forever ago various projects. Wondering how they...
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    Chick with Leg sticking straight back....

    Hey All, Had a chick hatch like this: Cant seem to get it's leg under him. Anyone know of what I can do to help?
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    Incubating chicken eggs, it's day 25, and no pips internally or exturnaly.... what should it do???

    I'd say if it is day 25, no more movement - you've likely lost the chick :( If it were me, I'd open them carefully.
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    Anybody Breeding Silver Fox rabbits

    They can also be self based, as well. Anywho, I've never seen a nice harli, unless it was crossed heavily with nz, or Europe.
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    Rabbit in colony setup

    I never understood the whole colony breeding thing. They really don't enjoy living with each other. It's also a great way to spread disease, quickly. Your buck will over breed the does, and attempt to breed the kits as well.
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    Moving rabbits outside

    Your rabbits should do just fine outside. Give them shade/wind/rain shelter - tarps over the top, a canopy, something. Direct sunlight is the killer for them. You shouldn't need to have waterbottles/etc; if they are outside out of direct sunlight. You'd be more effective wetting their ears...
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    Anybody Breeding Silver Fox rabbits

    You will get all blacks, or, agouti depending on the genetics of the harliquinn. Sadly, you'll lose quite a bit of the meat type from the harli. They're such a terrible breed. Good luck.
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    Doe Hurting Kits

    Touching them will never ever harm them, ever. Anyway, what breed is the doe? How long are her tonails? Scratches from momma jumping in and out of the box, and landing on them often happens. Especially with 10 kits. There's a lot babies for her to potentially land on. Inadequate nestbox size...
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    Live Feed for Ag Program Inside!

    4 have hatched now, with another 8 pips this morning. Today is day 21! So exciting!
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    Live Feed for Ag Program Inside!

    Hey All, Thought you might enjoy this - have a live feed going on our eggs for the ag class. This is the first time I've ever hatched (same with them). Today is day 20, we have our first pip. It is the egg second from the top all the way to the right. You can see the little pip hole. He's the...
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    New Hatcher, and a question

    Hello All, Been a LONG time since I've been on BYC! Anyway, I work for a small rural school. They have a tiny ag program. They wanted to hatch eggs, and they had a dismal 100% fail rate. They were only turning eggs once a day, didn't measure humidity - basically anything they could do wrong...
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    New Member in NY!

    And now, you have something else to do besides facebook, Jamie. BYC needs to add tagging!
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