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    Random Mountain Dew Poll

    Mountain Dew is the meth of the soda world... Too much sugar and caffeine for me. Occasionally when I need a quick boost I'll crack open a can of the diet stuff (it's less sweet, thank goodness... Regular stuff sets my teeth on edge) because I try to avoid energy drinks, but that's about it...
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    Sonic's project; Chicken Run & Henhouse made from Pallets *updated*

    Great-looking coop. How long did it take you to build everything? Also... Do I see a CD in the run? What's the rationale for that? I'm curious.
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    Sleep talking! Post your looniest statements...

    Oh gosh... So many to choose from... Allegedly when I was little, I would sleepwalk- once my mom woke up to a loud thud and found me asleep and missing my pajama pants in the bathtub- and sing in my sleep. My half-brother tells me that once he heard a six-year-old me singing "The Thunder Rolls"...
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    Windstone retired brown Dragons

    Haha, yeah. A rule I learned from my grandmother: never tell people you collect something, unless you're certain you will forever. You'll never get anything but for the rest of your life. After she died, we discovered that her attic and basement, not to mention just about every display surface...
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    What song....

    Doesn't matter where I am... I can be in the middle of my university, or a grocery store, or just out on the street... I can't stay still when I hear One Last Drink by Enter the Haggis. It's just too darn happy not to dance to!
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    What's you favorite song?

    I can only pick one? If I try to pick just one favorite, my brain may very well explode... Also Sprach Zarathustra... you know it as the sunrise fanfare from 2001: A Space Odyssey Hallelujah- written by Leonard Cohen, but love the Bon Jovi cover Seasons of Love from Rent Lacrimosa by Kalafina...
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    Quote: Reminds me of a cosplay I saw at a my local Comicon this past January... A little boy had made himself a Bumblebee costume with a truly awesome twist. Have a look! He won the masquerade event for his division with it, too. Fella was one of the more popular guys at the convention...
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    Windstone retired brown Dragons

    Wow, they're gorgeous... I collect dragons, but don't have many Windstone ones. Always admired them, though. If only I weren't a college student with, y'know, no money (hey, some stereotypes have gotta be true, right?) I'd buy 'em up in a heartbeat. Good luck finding a good home for them. ^. .^
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    Arizona Chickens

    Heya from Flagstaff, fellow desert rats. Been lurking around BYC for a few years now... Still no chickens of my own, and probably won't be for a couple more years yet (I need to get through with college, first... year and a half to go) but I like hanging out around here, learning, picking up...
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    Handy and Helpful Hints for you Home. Everyone please add your own.

    Uh, I have one... Honey's useful, not only for sweetening foods naturally, but as a remedy. It serves as an antiseptic when applied to burns and other wounds (since it's slightly acidic, bacteria can't grow in it, and when mixed with fluids from damaged tissue it forms naturally-occurring...
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    Chicken names. Post them here!

    I haven't got any chickens yet... Probably won't until I'm out of school and living in my own place... But I can certainly think up names for 'em. Just perusing, I'm a little surprised there's no list of egg dish-related names (or, if there is one, I missed it.) Devil(ed egg) (Eggs) Benedict...
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    Help me think of a "new breed" name (contest)

    How about Dossies? Drop most of "Dominique" and the last bit of "Silkie"...Well, I think it sounds fun! -shrug- Pictures would make it easier... EDIT: or you could call them Dolcies if you moved the L from Silkie to right after Dominique...And if they have a good temperament (or potential as...
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    I should be ____ but I'm on BYC instead...

    I should be *writing my English paper* but I'm on BYC instead... Sure hope my teacher's not here instead of grading papers. <_< >_>
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    Movie quotes

    Ooh! Ooh! I've got some! Take a stab at this 'un, folks. XD Girl: I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? Teacher: People perceive you as somewhat... Student: Tempestuous? Teacher: "Heinous grump" is the term used most often. Man: Ooh...
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    Featherless Chickens! Just had to post this pic!

    It...kind of reminds me of Looney Toons cartoons, like where there'd be a few moments where the predator (Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, et all) is watching their prey and sees them as a roasted chicken... Not for me, though. I'm for feathers, all the way. -nod-