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    what do you get when you cross a....

    Quote: I learned something new. I like that "penguin duck", that makes me laugh.
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    what do you get when you cross a....

    I pull the eggs when they first started to crack and had a bin step up in our kitchen with a heat lap and damp towels. We don't have incubator, I would have too many ducks and chickens then. I will try to get new pics this week-end.
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    what do you get when you cross a....

    I have a Pekin female and a Rouen male and here's what I got. It's an old pic. One looks like a Rouen female and the other is black and white. They were a few months old then.
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    Watering ducks in winter

    You can get a outdoor dog water bowl that has a heating unit undernieth it. I used one last year and only on the coldest days did it freeze over a little.
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    Caring for Pekin Ducks in Cold Climates

    I live in Wisconsin, I have had my ducks for 3 years now. All you need is a water bowl that you are able to put a heater in, or underneither. Make sure the bowl is deep enough for them to dip their whole beak in. They will need an area they can go to get away from the wind, maybe some staw on...
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    Duck feeders?

    I use a ceramic dog food dish.
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    What do you do when you have to go out of town for a few days?

    I lock mine up every night. So, I'm trying to come up with ideas for a secure run.
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    What do you do when you have to go out of town for a few days?

    And no one is around to baby-sit the chickens and ducks?
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    My ducklings are all grown up!

    Mine look just like but twice as big.
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    Feathers every where, whats going on?

    My drake and duck just molted their flight feathers. They grow new ones for the winter. It's looks like something went after them, but I know nothing did. They did it this time last year.
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    Warning!!! This is gross!

    Our German pointers loves ducky treats. She could careless about the actual bird as long as they leave something for her.
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    I did do a search on Bumble foot. Found nothing

    My peking has one or two large bumps on her foot. They are not bleeding. None of our vets in the area are waterfowl trained. How do you treat bumble foot at home?
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    Georgia Here Too !!!!!

    Where were all of ya'll when I lived in Georgia?
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    We just rescued a Northern Flicker

    Lately we had baby doves and robins hurt in our yard (beyond repair). This morning our neighbors were coming over to learn how to take care of our ducks while we are on vacation. We spot this bird down in the ditch. Never seen one like before, It's wings were out and it's feet were behind him. I...
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    Ducklings Moved Out of the House -pics-

    Quote: Mine use to look just like that. I put my two out when they a month old. They have to hang out with the parents.
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