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    Help! Mallard eggs went cold :( mom abandoned...

    So Our first time mommy Mallard laid a nest of eggs in her floating duck house and incubated them. We have a 1/4 acre sized natural pond. We bought these 5 ducks (one female 4 males) as straight run chicks last year and raised them up. She was great sitting on them throughout the whole...
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    Equinelyns Member Page

    I'm from Southern York County in pennsylvania. I'm a Small hobby breeder, for fun pets and eggs! I have.. 3 Rhode Island Reds 2 ameraucana's 2 black sex-links 2 silky's And other animals 2 horses 1 husky/mix(that was on David Letterman!) 4 Jack Russell's I'm pretty new to this...
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    HAWK killed my Silkie :( what kind is this?

    we use netting on the top of our pen, and there was a spot that we had to use a separate sheet of netting. I guess we didn't overlap it enough and it dove down at the perfect spot and went right between but couldn't get out...
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    HAWK killed my Silkie :( what kind is this?

    So there is no way my rooster would have tried to fight it?
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    Great Pyrenees livestock guardian

    Quote: The thing to do now is get a shock collar and WATCH him. Any time he TOUCHES a bird, give him a shock. It won't take many to cure him He may or may not stop forever, but most of the time the collar does the job I'm sorry, but shock collars are cruel and should NOT be used on ANY kind...
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    Neighbors and noise

    They should he hard of hearing anyhow lol I hate when people can't understand how much something means to somebody.. It's legal so what can they do?
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    HAWK killed my Silkie :( what kind is this?

    I'm not sure if it was in shock from maybe a rooster fight, or it was dark and they don't fly at night? Because it didn't want to fly.. But the next day it was DEFINITELY flying over our coop.. I found this video of a hawk that looks similar, and the chickens attacked it.. And it laid on it's...
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    HAWK killed my Silkie :( what kind is this?

    sadly a hawk found it's way into our chicken coop. We didn't get home til after dark and all the other chickens were in the coop and this hawk was still standing on my silkies dead body. I'm sure once it got in, it couldn't get out. My first instinct was to kill it, but after doing some research...
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    Silky chicks growing up.. Hen or Roo? *pics of them aging*

    Sadly... A hawk somehow found his way into my chicken pen.... And Fifi was the victim R.I.P Fifi
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    The 2nd Rate the avatar of the person above you!

    10!!!! Who doesn't love silkies
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    From our local craigslist...

    Wow. roaster?
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    Roo stressing hens out? Stopped Laying & lost one :(

    Great information thank you! Some other info which might play a factor. We keep a heat lamp in their coop at night.
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    Chick of the moment, is it a he or a she?

    The poof on the head looks rooish... Like mine.. Mine was a roo. I've heard if it looks more poofy and round it might be a female, compared so more slicked back its a male..
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    Roo stressing hens out? Stopped Laying & lost one :(

    So I have a young rooster about 8 months old. I think he is stressing my hens out. Of my 6 hens only 1 is laying for the past 2 months. 1 hen is our 2 year old female Marigold, the rest are all between 8 months-1 year and started laying, and well. Once my roo grew bigger and more mature he...
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    Help!! Chicken in the Pond!

    Poor little gal.. I hope she is ok. Its a good thing you saw!
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