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    Well....My wife passed away

    I have been away, mostly on FB and I stumbled across your post. I was shocked. Shed a few tears. I know it is belated but hope you are doing well. I am sorry for your loss. Been missing you and the others.....I have lots to catch up.
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    I passed my veterinary boards!!

    Congratulations! I have been in BYC since Garm took over lol!
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    Great Depression of 2016

    Gas prices are pretty low at this point!
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    Great Depression of 2016

    Aldi had a similar incident with their ground "beef" LOL! I think we are the only country that don't eat horses. There IS a business in the SW that sell exotic meats, including zebras and horses. I don' think the racehorses are the biggest problem. We all know about breeding animals, to...
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    Great Depression of 2016

    Boy, I had to read thru the last 20 pages to catch up! Hubby had several job interviews, and got the "thank you" letters from teh employers. He just keep plodding on. The Rebel flag.......... so much debates on the "state's rights" and "slavery" issues throwing back and forth. How about...
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    Glad to meet you but I no longer have any bantams of that breed. Its an old post! LOL!
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    Brabanters and Spitzhaubens--The Differences PIC HEAVY!

    Many of the Brabanter and Spitzhauben breeders are over there on FB and quite active.
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    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Did you get what you need?
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    Malpractice suit against a veterinarian?

    Looks like you got all your ducks in a row with strong evidence and proof. I hope you will win your case and the vet will have to admit the mistakes. So sorry about your GSD, they are awesome breed to train and own! I had one I bought from a champion breeder in Springfield, IL. Not sure if...
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    When is it time to face reality?

    Hope things are going well for you!
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    Great Depression of 2016

    Well well......hubby is out of the job after working at WM for seasonal job. Now he is out looking for another job, crossing fingers he will get another short term job within six months. Its harder to find anything around here but no money to spare to keep our economy going. Just the bare bones...
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    BYC Member Interview - Kassaundra

    WOW! Great story! Hubby is also an EMT.......but right now, probably due to his age, he decided not to renew his license. It was pretty tough getting thru the courses, and taking the tests and keeping it up to date. Who knew that CPR is so different than the ones we used to practice on...
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    BYC Member Interview - Ewesheep

    Same here! *wink, wink* I love my Welsummers and still have them. Hope to have MORE from a breeder in WV that crossed with Moose's son, your pride and joy....... Can't wait to see how they come out! It has been a very sad day for me today.......coming to grips how fragile life can be. We...
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    BYC Member Interview - Ewesheep

    Just keep that goal in mind or at least "country-fied" your city lots into a few chickens! Chicken poop....what a great thing to have!
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    BYC Member Interview - Ewesheep

    Yes, we have been together the since of the earliest days of BYC when Garm was running it. That's a LONG LONG TIME ago! Time flies! Yes, I did have Orpingtons, lovely they were but they were eating me and my house with the feed bill! Imagine having 25 Orps in a small pen.....not a good thing...
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