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    Putting Faces With Names (Submit Your Mug Here!)

    That me around Christmas holidays .I shave some of the times. Shaved see what m poor son and grand son have to look forward to. He has one boy and two girls and two more girls on the way. daughter has girl and boy. wife has all of us to deal with.
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    chicken run

    I think I have less than 300.00 in it all (the runs),If you look at the cost not bad for square ft.
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    chicken run

    The ones coming out of the coop are 8/2 ft 2/4s cut 2' long with 1/4 s 8' screwed into 2/4s then wire2/4" holes 14 gauge about 48" tall was put on with chicken wire staples ends left open. The ones going through the garden are 3 ft wide 10 ft long same construction but the wire is 5 ft tall and...
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    Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

    one word Muscovy's they eat fly's and mosquito's
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    chicken run

    lets see from the pen/coop to the garden across down the row that needs cleaning up it takes them about a week to clean up tall stands of elbon rye and turnips but they sure have fun doing it then I till and plant
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    Rooster Housing?

    they are right on for keeping one rooster,or you could keep the rooster and few hens in a say 6/6 for breeding. Larger the better . you cant keep a bunch of roosters together they will fight and dominate the weaker ones.
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    Gardening with chickens (and other poultry)

    Have you noticed the Mosquitos are already out! Here is a homemade trap to help keep you and the kiddos from being a blood donor!!! HOMEMADE MOSQUITO TRAP: Items needed: 1 cup of water 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 gram of yeast 1 2-liter bottle HOW: 1. Cut the plastic bottle in half. 2. Mix brown...
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    Gardening with chickens (and other poultry)

    Gosh I had a thought might fit this thread . I have tractors that I connect to my chicken pens , I guess you can call them runs , they are movable. Was watching them taking about mosquito and spraying and such. Why don't we all have a 4/10 tractor that we keep two of three Muscovy's in and put...
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    Barred rock rooster a little aggressive.

    Don't let him get a bluff on you he will always think he can and eventually hurt you. catch him and ruff him up basically whoop him , drag him side to side and rub his head on the ground lay him on his back and shake him back and forth then let go of him slowly he should stay there for a time...
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    Daughter sent me a text meant for her friend! EPIC FAIL!

    I had a married friend call me by accident about 2 am one time I knew who it was before I answered . He thought he had called his girlfriend I acted like it was her(sleeping) and led him on for about 10 minutes before I hung up he didn't know till the next day . Man was that a good one made me...
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    Rising feed prices

    The cure to higher feed cost for your flock is to raise it yourself, (see which is more valuable to you, money or time/labor ) being more self sufficient is never a bad thing. In the winter I plant turnips and elbon rye to keep garden covered and feed the flock every day about two five gallon...
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    Need some advice about my neighbors

    don't put anything in there mail box That is against the law
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