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    New flock of backyard chickens
    Hi there!
    [​IMG][​IMG]I'm brand new to chickens (never really have been a bird person, they freak me out), we got our first group of 5 chicks early May 2017...

    By the beginning of June we now have 13. You can say I'm hooked.

    My boyfriend has raised over 300 chickens (mostly meat birds) so he's no stranger to raising them. I, however, believe in having well socialized and enriched animals (even if they are just livestock) so he's having to get used to me insisting that we handle them and spend time with them everyday. :)

    We have a pretty diverse flock.
    One Golden-Laced Wyandotte pullet, Goldielocks, she's is our biggest and bossiest girl.
    One Black Sex-Link pullet, she has not been named yet.
    One Buff Orpington pullet, also unnamed.
    One Buff Orpington cockrel, he's our problem child and a bully.
    One Buff Orpington/Sex Link mix cockrel, he's super docile and friendly but already trying to crow at 7 weeks.
    One Americana pullet, Frightful, her face reminds me of a peregrine falcon so naturally had to name her Frightful.
    One Polish (tbd pullet or cockrel), currently its name is Jenny, as we thought for sure Jenny was a she. Jenny has recently grown some small gobbles... so Jenny might be a he.
    That concludes our first batch...
    Second batch came along two weeks ago.
    We now also have
    Two cochins, one blue and one splash.
    Two Rhode Island Red pullets.
    One Brahma.
    And my favorite.... One Barred Rock pullet named Rocket. She's our little escape artist. She also is perfectly content following us around all day or annoying the dog.
    That concludes our little flock of babies... for now.
    We live in a small-ish town on the outskirts of the city. Luckily we're allowed to have backyard flocks just no roosters. So our roos will be gone here pretty soon.
    We also have two dogs. One small terrier (shown in background of photo above) and one black mouth cur. Shockingly our terrier is great with the chickens. They're still a little too small for the hunting dog... they're about pheasant size right now. Not a good combo.
    He's had no problems with cows or goats in the past. So hopefully we'll be able to work with him and get him to understand they aren't game.

    Pretty much sums it up. Really excited to be part of the byc community. It's been a great resource so far.

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