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    Found chicken dead in coop

    I have found dead ones in my coop off and on. What I do is check them for bugs, check the vent area and look inside the mouth. If it all looks ok then they could have just had a sudden heart attack or other internal issues :( I wouldn't worry unless others started dying off on you.
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    Hi from Cleveland County

    A big Welcome to you from Central WI :D Do you have chickens now, or thinking about getting them?
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello From Wisconsin :D I would have failed the test as well! I have to stay far away or my coop would be overflowing. You will have to share pictures of your new babies!
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    post office calls at 10"30 PM!!

    I have chicks being sent from McMurray Sat morning and I tried calling my PO to get the distribution number so I could call and tell them to call me ANY time but they refused and said that they are all closed on Sun and would not call me :( Not liking the fact that McMurray ships on a Sat...
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    Been gone for SOO long!!

    I have NO clue how to use this site anymore, everything has changed! It's been almost two years I think since I have been here :( Darn FB keeps me away! Whats all new here the past two years??? Anything interesting?
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    20 week old ducks/none laying? Head movement...what does it mean?

    Thank you for your me hope that we MAY see some eggs soon. I hope!~
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    20 week old ducks/none laying? Head movement...what does it mean?

    Haha, that's exactly what I was thinking but the male just looks at them all and walks away! I don't think he gets it yet ;/ So MAYBE that is a sign that I will see eggs soon? They have been doing that head thing for about 2-3 weeks now already. My drake has his boy feather but he has not...
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    20 week old ducks/none laying? Head movement...what does it mean?

    Ok so I have ducks that are all turning 20 weeks old on the 28 of this month, none are laying. They are in a large fenced yard with a large coop and we have been looking daily for our eggs :( They get plenty of food and water. They are doing this funny head movement while walking by the other...
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    My sweet Bantam Cochin girls.

    Just wanted to share :D
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    A little help please

    I am also new to ducks and have learned very quickly that the hens do NOT like the ducks. My 13 ducks are 3 weeks old and they have their own 10 x 10 foot duck house with a fenced in yard/pool area to themselves. It's always so horrible watching the grown chickens be so mean to the young ones...
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    Pictures of Cayuga cross ducks? And a water station lifesaver!

    I have a Cayuga boy with lots of different girls and wondering what my ducklings may look like if I hatch them. I have a buff orp, blue sweedish for starters. Wondering if there is a pic thread on ducks out there somewhere? I have been looking but haven't found anything yet. If you know of...
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    I am new to ducks and have some questions

    Mum, they are Pekin ducks...sorry for the long delay in answering you but they have been keeping me busy :D I also have Cayuga ducks now along with a few other breeds.
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    Chicken Coop names: What did you name your coop/coops

    Wow, been MIA for a while and just spent the last hour or so reading coop names :D LOVE that this thread is still alive :D
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    Selling Eggs

    I sell my chicken eggs for 4.00 a dozen and everyone is pleased to pay that for them. They know they are MUCH healthier then the store eggs. I think selling duck eggs for 3.00 a dozen is crazy. IMO I would charge 5.00 or more for duck eggs. I would pay up to 8.00 a dozen for free range duck...
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    I am new to ducks and have some questions

    I'm new to ducks too and mine are now five weeks old. At four weeks they were already starting to pant in with the chicks so I moved them to their own coop without a heat lamp and they do great. Started them off with a smaller bowl (size one duck can fit in) and they now have a large kiddy...
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