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    BYC Member Interview - ronott1

    Chris, I see you were in the 3/6. I had an uncle that was 3/5 at Chosin Reservoir. I remember him coming home at Christmas. He was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers.
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    Bob White Quail chicks LOUD!NOW with PICS and VIDS!!

    I am from South Alabama and I grew up listening to quail in the wild. I got mine so I could listen to the calls.
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    Only if you stand guard 24 hours a day. I will say the 12 guage is final.
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    Keeping Chickens Free Range

    An electric fence is perfect for Foxes, Racoons, Opossums, Dogs anything that digs or climbs.
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Rosecomb Bantam

    I lost my Black Rosecombed rooster last year and I miss the cocky little bird. I am looking for some more.
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Rosecomb Bantam

    I had one Black Rosecombed Rooster. I loved him. He was beautiful and cocky with a personality to match. I would love to bond some nice birds to breed. Does any one have any for sale? I am in Middle Georgia.
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    calling all wild bird feeders!!

    Thanks we like pretty pictures of all of the birds. Hornbills are scarce around here. Let us know how the new lovers make out.
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    MALLARD THREAD...not rouens, Mallards!

    There are 2 things that I look for at this stage. One is the beak, the beak on the females is a brighter orange color around the edges. The drake's beak is more of an Olive Drab color even on adults. Also the voices are different. Usually the female is louder. The female has a clearer guack...
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    Little Giant 10300

    Dude, based on your advice and the fact that I could not get my LG to hold a constant temperature I just got a GQF 1588. It is holding with 1/2 of a degree. I have some white crestd black Polish eggs due in Monday and l plan to fill it with with them and some of mt eggs next week.
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    MALLARD THREAD...not rouens, Mallards!

    This morning I went out to check on my two ducks the Pekin and the Mallard. the first thing I noticed was that the Pekin was all alone so I looked and the Pekin was covered in scratches then I found one single spot of feathers and blood, then I looked again and under the propane tank a couple...
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    MALLARD THREAD...not rouens, Mallards!

    Does a white mallard duckling have the line through the eye like the other mallards.
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    MALLARD THREAD...not rouens, Mallards!

    My mallards lay a sage green egg the size of a large hen egg.The eggs are delicious.
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    Duck water

    Mine were swimming with mom on day 1.
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    The Old Folks Home

    I grew up on the Gulf Coast and I have never heard of the sheep, cattle nor pigs until recently. We hunted raccoons in the Florida Panhandle and we saw livestock from the panhandle but never these adaptations. There are plenty of sticky things like thorny vines and briars in that part of the...
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