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    What annoys you?

    When I am trying to fall asleep and my s.o is watching something on netflix so that I can't......:/
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    WTB lavender cochin eggs/Bourbon Red Turkey eggs in In/Ky/Oh

    I am looking to buy some lavender cochin eggs/chicks and bourbon red turkey eggs/poults in the tri state area. If you have any for sale, please message me. Thank you. Debby
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    Chicken Village almost complete- Photos to share

    Wow...I didn't know there was a B&B for chickens! Let's see...hmmm...I'd like to make reservations for the second week of April for 16 couples. lol Seriously though, the coop looks awesome!
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    Is the spring swap you're talking about the one near Lebanon, Oh?
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    Indiana ChickenStock 2011 ~ Mooresville, IN ~ CANCELED

    aarrgghhh.....I wanted to attend this years Chickenstock but that's the same date as Nascar's first cup race at the Ky Speedway! Sorry but that outranks chickens.
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    Quality Silkie Hatching eggs 12+ Blue/ Black/Splash & Partridge

    If you would be willing to split an auction I would love to get some partridge silkie eggs.
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    Looking for Golden Duckwing Pair and SQ blue/black cochin pair/trio.

    Here is a pic of the golden pair I had. Unfortunately I lost the male this winter and am looking for another pair to make my hen happy. If you have one or know where I could get a pair, please email me. I am also looking for blue/black sq cochin chicks or would be interested in blue/black or...
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    Bedtime advice....

    Thank you! I am working on implementing a 'family/movie' night too. I am trying my best to keep the rules 'fair' so as not to become the wicked 'stepmom'. I think 10 should be fine and shouldn't get too many complaints.
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    Prayer Request for my Mom

    I am so sorry to hear about your losses. Praying for strength for you and your family.
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    Bedtime advice....

    I would like to get some input/advice about kids and bedtimes. I generally wouldn't ask as I have five kids myself but my family is blended now and I would like know what everyone thinks. My kids range in age from 19 to 5. My 19, 18 and 15 year olds go to bed between 10-11 on both weeknights and...
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    Cochin Thread!!!

    Quote: Your gl cochin is absolutely beautiful!
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    Revenge is best served cold...

    Quote: I agree too, especially with the Soooo SWEET and GUILT FREE part!!!!
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    Time Travel....

    "The circumstance of your :lauhead"????????
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    This makes me absolutely ill...

    Well if you run into the owner (which literally might not be a bad thing...not that I am suggesting anything... ) but pass this along from me....
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    First it was the "minions" ...

    They're adorable! I can see it now...the next new kids' pbs characters.
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