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    Rooster or hen?

    Definitely a cockerel.
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    New Emu Owner

    Hello everyone! Brand new emu owner here, I've had these 2 for about a week. I tried unsuccessfully to hatch eggs in the past (so close). Some folks right up the street from us decided to rehome these guys, so I brought them home. They're not super tame but they arent aggressive, they'll eat out...
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    Hello again!

    Long time returning member dropping in to say hi! Its been a while since I've had birds, but I'm back at it :) My chicks are about 4 weeks old now (though I actually dont have any recent pics of them) and just moved to their coop recently. We're working on the run still, but we're over halfway...
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    What breed is my rooster?

    Nope, no issues with mixed breeds. They're gorgeous and provide some hybrid vigor ;)
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    Can anyone help me?

    Looks like a light Brahma, I think.
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    Silkie pullet or cockerel

    I'd also guess cockerel, looks like its got streamers starting to pop off the crest.
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    25 week old Silkie:hen or roo?

    I'd guess boy, with that comb size.
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    What breed is my rooster?

    Olive Egger perhaps? Looks like it could be a mix of those two breeds.
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    Can someone identify this beautiful chicken that we call "Snowy"

    Also an Easter Egger, and I'd guess its a cockerel.
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    Eulalie or Eugene

    Definitely a cockerel.
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    Cornish or white barred rock?

    My guess would be Cornish X, a meatie.
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    Male or female silkies?

    Looks like a little cockerel right now.
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    Show off your Silkies!

    They breed just like all other chickens. And nope, I do not trim vents.
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