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    Entire Breeding Flock of Crele Polish

    I want eggs !!! If someone has already bought them please ask them to sell some to me.
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    Let's Talk Mille Fleur Cochin Bantams

    The cochin bantams are fatter looking barely bigger. Maybe attend a chicken auction or small animal livestock auction in your area you never know what you may find there.
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    Vitamins for chickens?

    Upoaded but don't know if its visible
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    Vitamins for chickens?

    Here's a picture of her the night I brought her home a couple weeks ago.
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    Vitamins for chickens?

    I have a new pullet that was getting picked on by the others in the cage with her she is a frizzle showgirl. I noticed her hiding all the time and after a few days maybe a week I separated her. I had her in a grassy bottom cage 10x10 now she is in a small wire cage. I went to tsc today and...
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    Let's Talk Mille Fleur Cochin Bantams

    The person I got these from told me they are cochins. I see they are bearded. I think they are D'uccles . Any thoughts. It's a pair.
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    What gender are these polish chicks??

    It also looks like the first is a female and second is a male. But they are not mature and feathered out enough to easily see the difference.
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    Looking for Polish/Silkie Eggs in Michigan

    Can u ship me eggs?
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    Does anyone have pictures of Polish chickens with crossed colors?

    Here is a polish chick about 3 weeks old from a mixed color polish pen
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    What kind of chickens are these?

    I know this one is arooster but unsure of breed. Thanks for your help in identifying.
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    What kind of chickens are these?

    Hoping to find out what kind and gender. My friend bought it at an auction.
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    Cross Breeds!!!!

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    Frizzle Thread ~ PICS ~~ Must Read Info On Page 4!!!

    Standard frizzle bantam cross
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