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    Dead chicken

    I just had one that died. I did a test hatch and got three. Two roosters and a hen. One of the roosters died. He was five months old. No mold on the corn.
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    Dead chicken

    Has anyone on the fourm had a chicken choke on whole corn? Had a Cornish and Freedom Ranger cross just up and die after feeding whole corn. Nice heavy bird too.
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    Best Reproducible Meat Bird

    I have three chicks that hatched this spring. They are a cross with a freedom ranger hen and a dark cornish rooster. They are very dense and heavy even though they had no special feed. They are very hardy birds. Good luck.
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    Got Flogged by A rooster tonight

    I tried a method a lady suggested on the forum. You always offer food to the rooster first. My dark cornish was so mean that when I picked him he would bite me through my gloves. I had mean roosters before and rough treatment just made them meaner. I tried this but I was doubtful, but it worked...
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    Avoiding a Mean Rooster

    I have a Dark Cornish that I raised from a chick. I handled him alot. He was starting to be mean, he drew blood with my gloves on. A person on the foum said that a rooster thinks your are another rooster when you are around the hens. You should offer treats or food to him first, because another...
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    freedom rangers

    Quote: Thanks.
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    freedom rangers

    My last Freedom ranger hen died yesterday from the heat. The first one died from egg prolaps. They were good laying hens. I did get three chicks from them with a dark cornish rooster. So far good looking chicks.
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    Buff Orps as meat birds.

    I crossed Buffs with Cornish x. I hatched out two roosters that got huge. I was going to cross with my Freedom Ranger hens. They were to big or stupid to do the deed. I dressed them out. They looked like small turkeys.
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    freedom rangers

    Quote: I have two Freedom Ranger hens that I kept. They are doing fine, and laying good. My problem is the Cornish x and Buff Orp cross is to stupid to be a rooster. Then are very hardy. They love to come out and eat grass when I open the coop door. They look like they are grazing. Good luck.
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    Older rooster

    Anyone notice the skin gets real tough on a older rooster. Killed two yesterday, and had a hard time pulling the skin off. They were about a year old.
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    Bad rooster needs to go!

    I tried standing up to a Dark Cornish and it just made him meaner. I read on the forum about makeing friends with a rooster with food. It works. At first he held back when I offered the girls treats, but now he is the first to take treats. Big difference.
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    Do you have any lovable roosters?

    My Amerucana rooster, Fur Neck from John Blemn is one of the sweetest roosters I have been around. He is standard. I have a bantam rooster called Little Gray is also sweet and loves to be held.
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    Anybody else watching this ebay auction?

    P.T. Barmum said it well. There is a sucker born every sixty seconds.
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    Red Laced Cornish X and project talk (pics p. 8)

    Quote: Good looking big bird.
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