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    Partridge Silkies - Nothing else

    My first blue partri!! Loving her :)
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    Bearded Silkie Cockerel

    He is beautiful!!!!!! If i wasn't on male over load myself I would snatch him up :)
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    The American Paint Silkie

    Would love to see a picture of that one!!
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    Young bearded blue silkie pair

    Love this guy! If I need a blue I would be all over this :) Your girl is really cute too.
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    Black Silkie cockerel

    I no right!! I have been on the look for forever for a great black and was all excited when I bought this little chick and he just was looking incredible and I was so thrilled and then that darn tail started looking funny the bigger and bigger he got and I was like what is that lol...
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    Black Silkie cockerel

    I found a recent picture of him that i just took a few days ago
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    Black Silkie cockerel

    I have a free BEAUTIFUL black silkie cockerel is anyone would like him for some nice eye yard candy. I bought him as a youngin and he has wry tail so I can't use him.
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    Black silkies

    I have a beautiful blk silkie cockerel for free if anyone would like him. I bought him as a youngin and he has wry tail so I can't use him. If anyone would like some beautiful eye yard candy let me know :)
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    Silkie eggs ,24+ blck,blue,white,splsh,buff, and sometimes partridge

    So is this a buy a now price or are you wanting people to bid?
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  11. Family


    My beautiful family!!! Mostly human pictures lol....
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    Partridge Silkies - Nothing else

    I am pretty sure that with blue partri the feathers that are normaly blk are blue instead. You can use lav for blue partri. I was told that when you breed your blue and partri together to take the babies with the most blue and breed them back to daddy or blue males back to mom. Murano, if I had...
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    Silkies Of A Different Color

    Quote: Can you find out what color the parents are from the person you bought it from?
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    Paint Silkie cockerel

    Thanks T Paints sure are fun! As Forest Gump would say... Paints are like a box of chocolates. Ya never no whatcha gonna get!
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