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    Treating Giardia

    Two of my girls have had diarrhea for about 1 1/2 months. I took a fecal in that came back negative. I decided to treat with safeguard anyway because they also had soft shells even though they have oyster shell and layer feed. They got a little better but not completely. So I took one of the...
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    Easter egger roo in central California.

    I found him a home. I’m not allowed to have roosters unfortunately and I was sent three in my pullet order.
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    Easter egger roo in central California.

    I’m looking to rehome my Easter egger I’m willing to drive for the right person.
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    California - Northern

    Anyone in here willing to add an Easter egger rooster to their flock?
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    Rebecca I have an EE roo that I’ve been trying to find a home for. I live up north but I’m willing to drive if I can find a good home for my boy. I love him to pieces but I can’t have a rooster.
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    Buff Orpington Rooster Central Valley California

    Can I ask how you found a home. I’ve been looking for my Easter egger with no interest
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    Pullets or Roos I

    @willchickeneat what city do you live in? I think I’m in that group but I’ll definitely check it out if I’m not. I’d like to get a group of people together to petition merced to increase the amount of chickens we can keep in city limits.
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    Silver Laced Wyandotte 5 weeks.

    She/he look just like mine. I’m hoping they are girls.
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    Pullets or Roos I

    I hope not that would mean 6 roosters out of 9 that were supposed to be pullets.
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    Pullets or Roos I

    Thank goodness I don’t think I could handle trying to find more homes.
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    Pullets or Roos I

    It’s really hard to get pictures of these girls. So a little back ground is that I ordered 6 pullets from chickens for backyards hatchery. They sent me 9. So far it looks like 3 of my Easter Eggers are Roos and I’m still trying to decide if my barred rocks and Wyandotte’s are pullets. I’ve never...
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    4 week old Easter Eggers pullets or Roos?

    What about the bottom picture of the brown/white one. Is that also a cockerel? I feel like he is but I’m still hoping for one EE pullet.
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    4 week old Easter Eggers pullets or Roos?

    I wanted to update so others can use for reference. One of these boys are crowing and I now believe I have 3 Roos from my pullet order. The last picture I believe is also a roo because of the uneven pattern and the larger comb.
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