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    My First Goose Hatch-A-Long!

    Argh I wish!!!!! our place is going on the market in just three weeks so I had to make a no new baby rule for the spring. 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
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    What Have You Learned About Poultry Since Joining BYC?

    A little bit of.... everything? Including random, borderline life changing tidbits like how I learned that Google Scholar existed while I was here on BYC. :caf I think some of the best knowledge I gained at BYC is about hatching chicks.
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    12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along

    Don’t forget when you get your shipped eggs in to enter the Farthest Shipped Eggs contest!!
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    Open Contest 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along—Farthest Shipped Eggs!

    I got English Orpington eggs from Papa’s Poultry in Redding, CA sent to me in SE TX. This guy was from his laced project pen. I can’t wait to order from him again.
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    Open Contest 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along—Farthest Shipped Eggs!

    Cant wait to see what everyone hatches this year! my furthest shipped eggs were 1700 miles... and I had great success!
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    Does anyone let their chickens sleep outside?

    My coop is a coop/run combo. There is no enclosed coop. It has a roof and three sides and it’s a totally enclosed space with hardware cloth panels. The roosts are just sitting in the corner.
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    Open Contest 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along—Farthest Shipped Eggs!

    This contest is sponsored by @featherhead007 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along Farthest Shipped Eggs It's easy to enter, just reply to this thread. All eggs shipped for the 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along are eligible. Contest Rules: All entries must be submitted to this thread. Post...
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    LGBT chicken keepers?

    Ugh @Tre3hugger i saw you lost your rooster on FB. :hugs:hugs:hugs sorry I’m MiA.... we are not made for snow around these parts. 🤪
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    Marek' s disease

    Sorry, I wasn’t meaning anything against your comment, I was just offering support to the OP for their efforts, because like you said, consider it good husbandry whether or not you’re able to affect the status of Mareks infections. I’m not far enough into Mareks myself to have an opinion on the...
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    Marek' s disease

    So sorry for your loss. Cleaning and keeping your current hens comfortable and stress free is never a waste of time! A lot of Mareks strains mostly cause immune suppression, making the infected birds very susceptible to disease during times of stress. A lot of people think there is a lot to do...
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    Does this look more like Marek’s or a vitamin deficiency?

    I would say... YES! Weigh her again and see what's going on, too....
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    post sour crop/doughy crop, still thin, odd poo

    Do you have access to a scale? That way you would *know* her weight gain or loss. Sour crop can sometimes be more of a symptom of something else going on, and not just an individual issue. How old is she? Have you checked for parasites? When was the last time they were de wormed?
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    LGBT chicken keepers?

    Guessing it didn't work?
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    LGBT chicken keepers?

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