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    Is my TSC Pekin really a Pekin?

    The black spot does not come off. His fluff is definitely just black there. Also, I've noticed that two of them, including this one, have significantly lighter pink bills than the others. Mix breed Pekin? Or something else?IMG_20190902_221621520_MP by Kate Morgan posted Sep 2, 2019 at 10:20...
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    Sourcing Langshans

    Hi all! I have some Langshans in my flock from a local breeder who has since stopped breeding them. Where would you advise getting Langshans from? I would be happy with day-olds or hatching eggs, but I would want enormous, beautiful, docile birds. Any thoughts?
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    Elector PSP -- toxicity?

    Hi all! I've just bought some Elector PSP to treat for poultry lice, and I've read that there's no egg withdrawal, but after reading the label, I'm worried that it might make the chickens themselves inedible. The label gives instructions for egg producing poultry, but clearly says that "Horses...