Is my TSC Pekin really a Pekin?

One of the a male Pekin (or White Layer..I don't know anymore) ducklings I had hatch earlier this summer has a black spot on his head. I wondered if maybe his dad had been our male mallard Mallard who lost his head (evil predator). Anyway, posted his pic in the mixed breed thread and was told mixed breed would show more markings. It's more likely that his color gene just got turned on. Something about solid white breeds (Pekins and White Layers I guess) have their color gene turned off, sometimes it can turn back on and give you a "freckle". My duckling's mark is over his eye so it looks like an eyebrow. Makes him look like he's plotting something all the time. :lol: He's almost 3 months old now and still has his eyebrow.

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