1. zimileih

    Blue Australorp vs Black Australorp Personality?

    I was wondering on if anyone has experience with blue australorp personalities. I adore black australorps but wasn't sure if the blues focused more on color than personality. I'd love to hear yalls opinion on blue australorp behavior.
  2. F

    Age and breed?

    I've got 5 new mystery chicks, when I went to the little store I bought them from the lady said that they were "bantams"- tbh i own a bantam and dont remember her being quite this big as a chick lol, plus this lady was clearly a friend looking over the store temporarily. They all have lil tail...
  3. CluckkyKrista

    What cross is this?

    Hello there all you lovely chicken-experts, we got a first egg from Ella our Easter Egger today and it was a biggie (70g) 🙌. It’s got us wondering what she might be crossed with and if we might have a blue egg layer crossed with a Brahma or Cochin maybe 🤞🏼? I ask because I noticed a few rogue...
  4. NewJourney

    Breed identification of day-old ducklings

    At TSC there were assorted ducklings. The ducklings appeared to be blue swedish, and maybe saxony or F&W runners today. I am NOT good with identifying ducklings (yet) so I stood there scrolling through several websites showcasing ducklings. I chose to buy what I think is an Ancona, and the is...
  5. MegTheHenEggQueen

    Older Hens getting Older

    Hiii! I have 3 older hens that are starting to get slower daily and are having some issues and looking a little raggedy. Here’s Oreo our Barred Rock Hen who was named after our 16 year old black lab mixed who passed on hospice a few months before starting our chicken journey. Anyways Oreo has a...
  6. M

    Midnight Majesty Pullet…Huh?!

    Hey guys! On the way home from work, the Mrs excitedly told me that our local farm store had Midnight Majesty chicks in stock and asked me to pick up a few. Soon after I arrived home with (3) Midnight Majesty Pullets and a Buff Orpington. My wife opened the chirping box and immediately thought...
  7. Beck Farms

    What breed is this hen?

    Hi all, I cannot for the life of me figure out what breed/variety this hen is. Anyone know? We are pretty sure she’s laying speckled brown eggs as the rest of ours are Easter eggers and australorps. She’s a fun anomaly that we can’t figure out! TIA Kailin Beck Beck Farms
  8. Sequoia Raven Bird Farms

    What breed is this young rooster? Polish & what?

    This is Chironamoe (Ch-ron-e-moe), he's a gentleman and is less than one year old. He's very clever, kind and docile, but I don't know what 'breed' his father is. His mother, Patti the Polish is definitely showing with his crest and comb/wattles, but I don't know who his father is. The two...
  9. Bluechickens21

    Blue laced red Wyandottes

    Hey, I just ordered 5 Blue laced Wyandotte hens and 1 Silver laced rooster, does anyone know what the chicks would look like?
  10. MegTheHenEggQueen

    Who am I and what is my gender :-)

    Smaller 3 (2 brown and 1 black) are just shy of 5 months old and all the others are almost 7 months old. Ok we will have photo overload today in this thread. I typically know 100% the sex of the chicken. But when it comes to Easter Eggers I sometimes am clueless. I will post some Easter Eggers...
  11. cluck queen

    Was gifted some hens! Cant determine the breed though any help would be appreciated!!!

    These 2 tiny black gals are tiny bantams! There is a yellow peeper-ed roo too. I'm unsure of his breed as well. Excuse the muddy coop. We've had non stop rain. Finally got some gravel ordered and for the time being got wood shavings down to dry it up. What are these guys?
  12. Lizparrish311

    Mystery Marans .. Breed? (Hoovers Hatchery)

    Hello, I recently purchased Seven marans from the Maran assortment box at my local Hoovers hatchery dealer. Four of them appear to be black copper marans/ or midnight majesties. One of them having darker feathered feet than the others. The other chicks I’m not so sure (3). They have feathered...
  13. clickbeetles

    Just got my new Coturnix Quail! What colors are these?

    Sorry for the awful photos, I’m nervous to get them out again! I’m so excited to have them, waiting for them to calm down to sex. If anyone notices like, a blatant feather sexable roo please tell me! I’d also love to know what varieties they are! I love my beautiful rainbow quail mix!!!!
  14. B

    Any guesses on breed?

    I am not sure what breed my chick is any guesses? I THINK SHE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE
  15. Galaxy_rules

    What crosses should I try?

    Anyone have some ideas on a cool looking chicken mix? Well, let me know and I might try for it in mid/late 2024. I will me selling all offsprings locally. Hopefully 🤞 I will have this breed selection by next ( 2024 ) spring ( Early June ) but breeds in bold writing will only be old enough for...
  16. Quacking ducks

    What breed and gender?

    Hi, I have 2 21 week old chickens that I’m not sure if they are hens or roosters. The light brown one I think is a hen. she’s been sitting in a nesting box a lot latelyThe dark brown I’m wondering if it is a slow growing rooster. It has some hackle feathers on its neck, in the last week or two...
  17. Sonson

    Meyer hatchery BBS Ameraucana without beard/muff?

    Hello! Long story short, can anyone confirm if it's possible for a Blue Ameraucana to be without a muff or beard? I was under the impression that they always have a muff and beard and that the Meyer ameraucanas are true ameraucanas; Meyer's website even lists them as having beards and muffs...
  18. jimdeb

    Breed of chickens?

    I don’t know if my hens are Delaware or Sussex chickens . Been laying about a month. they are laying small eggs. As time goes on will the eggs get bigger? White egg is from the store. This is my Rooster.
  19. ARClems5

    Any idea what this Rural King chick is?

    I picked up 4 chicks from Rural King yesterday. This chick was in a bin labeled “Assorted Egg Layers-Pullets”. My daughter picked this one, and she’s wondering what kind it is so I figured I’d ask here. (We also got a light Brahma, Sapphire Gem, and an Americana.) The bin at Rural King.
  20. CreativeChicken08

    Favorite chicken breeds poll.(I didn’t put down all of them)

    One of my favorites is the Easter egger!
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