1. K1MM11

    Help! Pure bred aruacana? Australian

    Hi i bough 6 "pure bred" Aruacana chicks a few months ago and I have been doubting the authenticity of the seller this past month. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? All but one turned out to be roos, and the one pullet I'm confedent is a lavender aruacana (pic 1). One of the boys (pic...
  2. cucco_luvr

    Help me guess the breed!

    Can anyone please help me guess what breed of hen this is? These are a year and a half years old and lay almost everyday! They’re also pretty docile, even though I’m not the one that raised ‘em they let me hold them sometimes and the rooster loves em. Also please don’t mind the messy feathers...
  3. BuffManM

    Silkie breeding and toes

    Hi guys i was wondering if anybody could help me. I’ve recently bought 2 black silkie hens but they only seem to have 4 toes (on each foot). Does this mean they are crossed with something else? If I were to put them with a silkie cockerel and hatched some eggs would the offspring have 5 Toes...
  4. J

    unknown chicken breed

    can someone please tell me this breed?
  5. Blueroanpainted

    What breed are my hens

    What breed do I have here? Supposed to be Japanese phoenix but trails in males and females all look the same roosters look like hens and they lay like crazy.. Aquired them at a very young age with a batch of quail
  6. ChickenMasta1105

    These pullets are unlike any breed I have seen... help!

    I have two pullets, one of them, the one featured below, is about 11-week-old, and she is the same breed as the other. I have no idea what this breed is, please help. Some people said this is a Rhode Island Red, but I can say that for the roosters, these two definitely do not look like RIRs...
  7. G

    Rhode Island Red? Pullet or Cockerel?

    11 weeks old, got him/her from Atwoods
  8. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Gender and breed?

    Can you help me identify the gender and breed for some of these ducks please? I am mostly concerned about the gender of the big 4 ducks. I hope they are not all males or I would have to separate them from my mallard and blue Swedish. Also if you can tell the gender of the black blue Swedish. I...
  9. EHaag

    Rescue Chicken - Identification Help!

    Hello! Recently, over the last few weeks, a chicken has been visiting my backyard. I figured she was a free range chicken and went back to her coop at night. I ended up following her one night and found out she was living in a downed tree behind my fence. I started giving her food and water...
  10. chriscachicken


    Hello! I have a 9 month old roo. I was told he is a serama when I got him. He has feathered feet which I dont see on seramas normally. She had seramas and silkies so I'm wondering if I have a mix.
  11. E

    Can anyone help identify these bantams?

    Hi there. I've hatched bantam chicks from eggs from random breeds; could you help me identify them? I've included numbers to help, the picture on the left is when they were less than a week old and on the right at a month old. The black one has feathers that spread outwards. I am also unsure of...
  12. EmilyEnns

    “Purebred BCM”

    Hi All, So i picked up some “purebred black copper maran” chicks this summer. I’ve got 3 hens, 2 of which look like they are purebred but then i’ve got this girl who’s got some fuzzy cheeks! any guesses to what she is? or what color of eggs she’ll lay?
  13. ChickenMasta1105

    What is the breed of these chicks?

    Can you please tell me the breed of all these chicks? Thanks!
  14. B

    Help with chicken breed and sex!

    Hi, Have what I think are 3 boys - grey, black and white and two girls - white and brown. Have no idea on breeds, and would like to know if my assumptions on the genders are correct! What I think is a rooster (the black one with white bits - doesn’t crow like the other two and is VERY calm so...
  15. BokBokBeginner

    Help Please Breed and Gender of my 6 week olds

    Hello. I have these six chicks that I hatched 6 weeks ago. They are from freeranging purebred hens and roo's so not sure what I have ended up with and wondering if anyone could please help me. Also if you can tell what gender please. Any help will be greatly appreciatedI'll post the 6 individually
  16. Colesrogers

    Breed? Lavender?

    Adopted this hen while she was molting. Now that her feathers are in, can anyone help me identify her breed? She is tan and almost a lavender/grey color. Thanks!
  17. ChickenMasta1105

    Breed, gender, and health of my 7 week old chickens

    Hello! I want to know the breed of my approximately 6 week old chickens. Please also tell me their gender, I think the two ones to the right are hens, and the two ones to the left are roosters. Am I right? The one to the extreme right is an 8 week old, the one to the left of that is about 6 week...
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