1. B

    What breed is my rooster?

    Does anyone know the breed of these 2 roos? I know the one in back is a bantam but not sure of breed. Thanks
  2. Reiki Rooster

    What breed is this??

    My husband found this duck at his factory and I currently have her quarantined. Does anyone have any clue what breed or breed mix she is? Def looks like Muscovy but maybe mixed with something else. Tons of green iridescent feathers on her back. Thanks
  3. Joyfillednomads

    If California grey can produce sex-linked, why not go further & make autosexing breed?

    Not sure why the additional work was not done, they'd gone this far... to just make an auto sexing breed like the cream legals, etc. Someone posted this about a decade ago, " California gray is a breed that is based on the Barred Plymouth Rock X Leghorn It is then crossed back on Leghorn to...
  4. Sweetles

    Chicken just won't shut up!

    I have a chicken that was given to me by friends that keep a large flock of chickens for eating. They don't know what breed she is and I haven't been unable to find out through research either. She is very large and very heavy. I'm going to attempt to attach a picture. She is orange with...
  5. i_only_listen_to_dgd

    Is this an Ameraucana?

    I had made an account here to ask about my sick hen (who is doing very well now, I really appreciate these forums!), and I got to questioning what breed she really is. The guy running the feed store who sold us our chickens said that he had Australorp, Rhode Island Red, and Ameraucana chicks...
  6. ScratchScratchPeck

    Neighbor’s Chickens

    Over the course of the past 5 months, the neighbor’s roosters have integrated into my own flock. They stopped caring for the boys when their hens died, so I took up to feeding them and they’ve grown comfortable with me. They come over every day and stay until the last few minutes of daylight...
  7. G

    I'm Thinking "Mars Bar"

    Here is a pullet we have that is absolutely unique. I assume she's an Olive Egger marans/cream legbar mix. She has gray feathered legs, huge, rivals our Brahma in size, approximately 6 months, but she isn't laying yet so no eggs to help us decide. She's also the head chick in charge, very...
  8. G

    ISA Blonde (What breed am I?)

    This lady was sold to us as an ISA Brown, however with her coloring and laced patterned breast feathers I'm not so sure. She is approximately 6 months old, smaller, not laying yet, and very inquisitive and friendly. She has all white legs and feet. I'm just dying to know if she's a generic fluke...
  9. May_1

    Mallard or SA?

    This is one of my female duck, and I still can't seem to figure out which breed she is, could you guys help me out?
  10. E

    What breed is this?

    So I adopted 3 hens from a co worker. She said they were Ameracauna. One of them lays blue color eggs and I think the other 2 lay greenish/tan eggs. Could they actually be EE? Or mixes? Something else? I guess the lavender one started out as a beautiful lavender color and now looks more like a...
  11. katie_94

    Finally have eggs! Breed of chickens and who laid what?

    I have 8 chickens in which 4 are 5-6 months old and the rest are 4 months old. I'm pretty sure the younger 4 are easter eggers but I'm a bit confused as to what the 4 older ones are especially after I found some eggs this week. My mom got them all randomly from TS a month or so apart. In the...
  12. Pemberton85

    identify the breed and match to egg... PLEASE

    So, my ladies are laying!!! I've done so much reading and research trying to figure out who is laying what egg, I think I've driven myself into more confusion than I was before.... now I'm not even sure what breed I have. So we will start with Phoebe, I know that she is a Buff Orpington. She...
  13. F

    What Breeds are Squab, Rotisserie and Fricasee?

    Hello! These two hens I cannot figure out what breed they are. I can't find any breed or breed combination that would give me a chicken like Squab (the brown and white one with ornate feather patterns). She has yellow legs and a walnut (?) Comb. Fricky is all black with feathers that shine...
  14. ThickenTheChicken

    Easter egger? Or ameraucana?

    What do you think? Pics included
  15. Joyfillednomads


    Quail. We actually wanted quail first. But as things evolve and happen, quail hadn't. We got fertile hatching quail eggs as a gift. Shipped in the mail. We were so over joked and excited. When I pulled the tiny carton from the box the little eggs were so cold. Of course it's winter. My heart...
  16. C

    Rescued Pigeons | What breed?

    Hey guys! I'm excited to be able to ask some pigeon questions here. Back in February I adopted a rescued pigeon (to be a pet), who I named Snow Glimfeather, that was saved from a cat. He was an abandoned "racing" pigeon that never made it back home. With a feather DNA test I found Snow was a...
  17. M

    Help with identifying breed and sex of Easter Eggers and other crosses

    I have a few Easter Eggers and other cross breed pullets or cockerels that I need help with identifying their sex. And also help identifying which crosses they are if possible My hens are Araucanas (red, lavender, white), Cream Legbars, Black Australorps, black Olive Egger and Black Copper...
  18. M

    What breed is this rooster?

    Hi everyone hope ya had a great thanksgiving 😁❤️ I’m here posting this handsome boy we were given and wondering what breed y’all think he is? We were told he’s a bantam/Easter egger. He is beautiful! I’d love to use him for shows in agriculture fairs next season and would love to know more info...
  19. Diveks

    Is this a light and dark brahma mix?

    So ive been raising this cockerel i bought as an egg, it is definately a brahma but i am not sure what colour it is? At first i thought it was a light but after getting a light pullet im thinking its not. It does not look like a dark brahma either so im thinking it might be a mix? Sure looked...
  20. ThatChickenLady708

    Lil' Jon

    This is my rooster Lil' Jon, aka Lasagna. 🤣 I'm wondering what breed he would be considered. He is VERY intelligent, but I'm wondering if the breed is prone to being aggressive.. I know, I know.. he IS a rooster! 😆 I'd love to try & "train" him to be more polite & friendly.
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