1. Thechickentrainer1999

    Question about these chicks?

    So tomorrow I plan on getting some more baby chicks and I recently read that some breeds such as silkies have a weird shaped skull that if they get hit in the head even slightly that it can kill them. My question is about these 3 breeds: Ameraucanas, Welsummers, and Golden Laced Wyandottes. Do...
  2. SansDuck

    Pet Ducks Dumped in Neighborhood Pond, Help?

    Alright, I feel as I should explain the sad story of these ducks and then get into my questions. I'm going to say straight away I'm sorry if I say anything wrong, this is my first time owning ducks. And warning there is a lot of reading ahead. A little backstory in the area I live; My...
  3. cluckmecoop7

    Oh no

    Hi all, I really want to know how I will tell my chicks apart when I get them...they are all going to be the same breed, how will I tell?? Thanks.
  4. Dillychick

    Another "What breed is this?"

    Based on a thread I was just reading, I'm wondering is this is a 'Mixed Breed'. Thoughts?
  5. MarioBranwell

    Can someone help me figure the breed

    Okay so after my chickens death I got a new batch of chickens and they are almost 3 weeks old. They are kind of brown and white mix, But i do not know the breed of it. Can someone please help finding the breed, sex, whether it is crossed or not etc? I have attached the pictures.
  6. TriciaChickens

    CreveCoeur - any experience, feedback?

    Looking to augment my small backyard flock and am intrigued with the CreveCoueur hen. Currently have 2 hens (had to rehome one) and want to add 3 to the group. Have a New Hampshire and an Ameracana. Looking for breeds that are between 5.5 - 6.5 lbs and are fine with confinement (12'x18' coop and...
  7. NubbyRyuu

    Breed Clarification?

    My neighbor has a bunch of adorable chickens, all various breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Hybrids, Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, Silver Laces, Leghorns, and others I couldn't identify. But it's actually the rooster, Slim, who I can't find. He's a beautiful bird, and quite the horndog, haha! The...
  8. rosemarysugar

    Breed Help!??!?

    Breed says parents might be Ayam cemani mix. What do you think? If you need more pics please ask! Also everything on this chick is black.
  9. rosemarysugar


    Lavender orpington mix?
  10. Jeninoz

    What breed?

    69A21615-4AFB-40BF-8A79-6D57A1C241BB by Jeninoz posted Jan 28, 2019 at 7:36 PMwhat breed is this rooster? He was given to us :)
  11. C

    Rooster Breed

    Bought a rooster for laying hens. What breed is he?
  12. LizzzyJo

    Panic! Problem at Meyer Hatchery made me change breeds :(

    Hi All, I spent 6 months looking forward to my newest chick order and my first roo (Black Jersey Giant). I wanted a HUGE, docile, pet rooster for my girls. I did all of the research in the world to make my decision. Now, Meyer just called to say that none of their Jersey eggs are viable. I also...
  13. C

    What Breed? Ameraucana, Russian Orloff?

    Hey guys, I have a 6 month old hen and am not for certain what breed she is. I bought her from Rural King and she was sold as an Ameraucana. However, pics are below of what she looks like now. She looks like a spangled Russian Orloff to me, but bc they so rare I am hesitant to think thats what...
  14. L

    What breed is this hen, can you help?

    I don't know the breed of my hen she's about 5yrs old, can anyone help?
  15. Chelsea-85

    What breed (type) are my chickens? (with Photo)

    Can anyone tell me what is the type (breed) of my chickens (and rooster)? In Kurdistan, we call them Kurdish breed, but I wonder what breed are they in fact. Regards
  16. Helenahenbasket

    What breed is my chic?

    Hello fellow crazy chicken ladies and gentlemen, This chic is going on 3 months old now. Her name is Hennessy :)~ She really looks like a Deleware hen to me but from what I understand about chix genetics she can’t be.....? Her parents are both sexlinks and as far as I know there’s no Deleware...
  17. abcdriver

    Mystery roo adopted our flock

    “Freddie the freeloader” showed up in our yard in September. Very young guy then and we weren't sure he was a he. He hangs out with our girls, but flies well and roosts in fir trees at night. Very skittish when we approach, due to being feral. Any ideas on breed? Also, thoughts on how to catch...
  18. crazy rooster34

    Blue or black dominant?

    I will be trying my hand at breeding blue andalusian rooster over my black astralorp hens , but to my understanding black is the dominant gene so i was wondering would it take me two or three generations for the blue to start showing in these hybrids, thanks
  19. J

    Whose is this?

    So not sure whose this is. Options: older Welsummer, young cuckoo maran, or blue isbar. Any thoughts? I'm leaning toward Welsummer...
  20. mistfall

    Any guesses on breed?

    This hen volunteered to join my flock. Anyone have any guesses what breed she might be? Game fowl are popular in the area, as well as layers and multipurpose breeds from commercial hatcheries. What color would you call this?
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