1. Alicat4244

    So what would he be ?

    Just curious I have a cockerel that his dad is black copper marans , mom olive egger . What does that make him? Still an olive egger ? Or just a mut lol ? Either way hes pretty and a jerk lol
  2. ChickChic00


    Looking to know what breed these bantam chickens are. Only have 1 picture rn.
  3. angie_02

    Bunny Age/Breed ?

    Hey all, Once again my time spent researching has given me no answers so I turn to the experts here on BYC. This time, however, I'm asking about my bunny. Oliver is the newest addition to our family and I picked him up at Rural King. The most they new was he was at least 10 weeks. (That's all...
  4. DuckWhisperer06

    Can I get a Black Swedish from a Blue Swedish?

    We have a Blue Swedish hen, a Pekin hen, and had a Rouen and two Pekin drakes (the drakes are gone now). Somehow, we ended up with 4 Black Swedish, 1 Blue Swedish, 2 Pekin, 1 Rouen, and 1 Rouen/Pekin looking ducklings. My question is, how on earth did I end up with Black Swedish if we only...
  5. KCkitten05

    Please help identify this bantam

    Hey y'all! I'm completely stumped on what breed he might be. He's a bantam that I picked up at Atwoods. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. V

    What breed are these geese?

    I know they are a pair can you helpme tell the gender and the breed? I like by a lake and these people didnt want them so they through them out theyve been all the way other side of the lake and it took a while cause they were super frightened but they love there other new goose friend and it’s...
  7. Meems2293

    Not a Pekin?

    Hello everyone! We got 4 ducklings a little over 3 weeks ago and we were told they were 3 Pekins and a Rouen. I noticed this morning that one of the “Pekins” has light brown feathers coming in on its wings and sides. The 2 other yellow ones are also growing much faster, which makes me think the...
  8. ChickChic00

    What breed is this??

    Wings are turning slightly bluish purple. I don't know if it's a runner or a cayuga.
  9. justcallmekinn

    Looking for reinforcement?...

    Okidai, so I have five Raptors(what I call my chickens). One hen and four 6.5 week old pullets. I just need some back up. I'm pretty sure I know what all but one Pullet is, but I would like to know what others think. Any and all thoughts. Pullet A is Mary Cluckins( so dubbed by my younger...
  10. KikiDeAnime


    Our German Shepherd/Dutch Shepherd mix. We own both the parents, Mooshu and Mika. She was born May 26th. We decided to keep her instead of finding her a home. Photos are from yesterday during harness training
  11. AndreaBonnett

    Help identify ducklings please.

    We just got two adorable little additions to our flock and we are not sure what they are. I just can't wait to see what they turn out to be! Anyone have any idea what they are? The one with the dark beak has black fluff under it's yellow fluff and the underside of it's beak is half black and...
  12. Kate Morgan

    Is my TSC Pekin really a Pekin?

    The black spot does not come off. His fluff is definitely just black there. Also, I've noticed that two of them, including this one, have significantly lighter pink bills than the others. Mix breed Pekin? Or something else?IMG_20190902_221621520_MP by Kate Morgan posted Sep 2, 2019 at 10:20...
  13. Snowingamanda

    Hi, can the guru of backyard chickens help ID these chicks?

    Hi, 2-4 weeks ago my 7-yo daughter and I bought these baby chicks at a tractor supply. My daughter is very good at taking care of them (she is a proficient helper!), and we’ve only lost one yesterday (a sibling of #19) to a hawk attack... My daughter keeps asking me to post chick pictures here...
  14. V

    Rooster breed???

    I got this rooster on craigslist and have no idea what the breed is is or what it may be so i can have an idea.
  15. S

    Breed of white chicken?

    Does anyone have any idea what breed of white chicken these are? I got them from a “random pullet” box at Rural King, so it can’t be too exotic. Also, they have huge feet, so I’m a little wary of the “pullet” distinction. Thanks for your thoughts! New member Heather
  16. FathertoFeathers

    Duck Breeds

    I have a list of duck breeds the I'm interested in getting but I need people who have these breeds to tell me how they do. 1. Cayugas 2. Silver Appleyards 3. Magpies 4. Buff orpington 5. Saxony 6. Welsh Harlequins 7. Crested What are the pros and cons of these breeds? Which ones are good for...
  17. Avisius

    Might this be Birichen Marans?

    Hi, I have this cockerel. It's about 16-17 weeks old. Pretty tall, compared to the other cochin cockerels with which it hatched alongside. I was wondering if it might be a Birchen Marans. I got it from someone who was not knowledgeable, so I have no background whatsoever on its breed, origin...
  18. C

    Help identifying chick breed

    Hi all Can anyone help identify what breed of chickens these are please? Many thanks
  19. AMaggio

    Kayuga: Breed comparisons

    Hey everyone, I was just thinking about the different breeds of ducks I have on my homestead and I wondered if anyone else has some experience with Kayugas? I bought a Buff, Crested, and Kayuga duck over the summer. I have raised three other sets of ducks, this is my fourth, and I'm amazed at...
  20. bellamoran27

    the breed of this duckling?

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