1. silkiesoft

    Pekin chicken

    Hi guys. we recently brought a pekin chicken that’s approximately 2 weeks old. I heard you can sex these chickens quite early, but wasn’t sure when would be too soon? Would it be possible to determine the sex of this baby? Thanks in advance!
  2. minus10gmt

    Crevecoeur rooster or hen? 14 wks

    Rooster or hen?
  3. WallyBirdie

    Budgie Gender ?

    I just got a little budgie and was wondering about the sex. Male or female? I know you genuinely judge by the color of the cere. But I'm new to this! Is my deadly Piper a boy or girl? I was told he/she is around 4 months and has not had a first molt yet (still had little button eyes and barring...
  4. harice4806

    Thank you everyone who offered help

    Over the last few weeks/months I've been desperate to get a gender on my silkie chick. Got into the 5 month mark with no indications. Lots of you guessed cockerel but weren't sure as it's hard to do with silkies. I watched HIM crow. You all were right even if it was a guess. I'm...
  5. Nellieribbo

    Chicken gender

    Hello, I have two silver penciled wyandotte chickens that I am struggling to sex and was wondering if someone might be able to help? They are 8 weeks old, developed a few brown feathers that my others don’t have and more pronounced combs. They don’t have spurs developing on legs like some of my...
  6. rosemarysugar

    Hen or Roo?

    21 weeks old. I do not know the breed Mom is Andalusian, dad is a black mix. If pullet when will she lay?
  7. Clappmeg

    (another) silkie gender Cmb, silkie, gender, rooster,

    Hi all, So I'm going to post a few pics of my two 7.5 week old silkie chicks and I would love for you to give me your thoughts on the partridge chick! I KNOW the white chick is a roo. He's had a comb and wattles since just a few weeks old. While mama is a show quality hen (blue ribbon winner...
  8. Ferreirabee


    Hello everyone! I have been a follower of BYC for years, but never joined until now! I am new to raising Bobwhite quail- I’m on the west coast, so I have never even seen one in real life. But I think they are gorgeous birds and I wanted to try to raise them. I opted for the Mexican Speckled...
  9. WallyBirdie

    Is She a HE?

    My Russian Orloff has always been bossy and headstrong. She even gets into fights and attacks with her feet. She has been slow to develop, and her comb is just turning into a red little cushion. Recently, I caught her [possibly] mounting/mating another smaller hen. She hasn't officially...
  10. DecT

    What Breed?

    5 months old... what breed. I'm guessing roo So sorry for the terrible pics
  11. Peppercorngal

    Is this little chick a boy or girl???

    I have heard (and found to be true) that red feathers on the upper wings means it's a boy. Do you think this is going to be a rooster? Here are 2 photos. One is 2 days old, the other was today, one month old. I'm praying for a girl and named her Ginger.
  12. Jraba1315

    BBS Ameraucana Pullets or Cockerel?

    I’m wondering about the gender or my blue ameraucana and my black ameraucana. Their combs don’t seem red but their feathers looks suspicious. I really appreciate any help I can get! They are 8 weeks old. Blue Ameraucana: Black ameraucana:
  13. ChickChic00

    Male Or Female Duck 2 And A Half Months Old

    I have a 2 and a half month old duck and it is slowly making a louder quack sound. Not my first duck. I just don't have another duck to reference it too, caus it's partner died. It is super sweet, I hope it's female. At first thought it was male but today it started to make a really loud quack...
  14. ChickChic00

    Partridge Cochin Bantam Genders

    I have to Partridge Cochin Bantams and I'm pretty sure one is male, cause it tries to crows in the mornings, but idk about the other one. first one is the rooster, second one idk. Kinda think it's a hen. It hasn't crowed yet either. Any help is appreciate!!
  15. T

    Need help to sex my pomeranian geese

    Hello! First time goose wrangler here, and I have 9 Pomeranian geese that are now 5 months old. Here in indiana there seems to be a goose shortage, so I’d like to try breeding these guys in the spring, but I’m having a heck of a time sorting out which are males/females to start planning out my...
  16. bees4hchickens

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hi, again! I have six other chickens I had questions about, so I'm going to go ahead and post their pictures and hope someone can help me out! Their breeds and names are on their photos, along with pictures of their feet if that helps at all!
  17. E

    Silkie sexing... guesses?

    Fern (almost positive a roo) Indigo Izzy Kate all of them together refusing to smile for the camera lol Hi everyone! I am a first time silkie mom and I have 4 babies that are 9 weeks old today. I have been staring at them for the last week trying to decide who may be what and I wanted to get...
  18. ValerieJ

    Gender of 8 & 9 week chicks

    Tried to add this to my original post at 6 weeks but no responses tells me it doesn’t show up anywhere. So here we go again. I’m sure about 3 of them but have a question about one, Absalom. This is Absalom: This is Hatter, a cockerel for sure: This is Alice, a pullet for sure: My...
  19. harice4806

    9.5 wk old polish

    First time with the breed. With all my good layers I wanted some fun breeds. These 2 polish I'm afraid I'll never be able to sex them. They're 9.5 weeks. I know...probably too young. Just looking for some possible insight. First one is a little spitfire and pecks me like crazy when I'm cleaning...
  20. ChrissyMP

    Silkie Gender

    Hello, My black and white silkie are 19 weeks old and I’m pretty sure they’re both hens, but suddenly our black silkie has a comb, and our white one doesn’t. Is it normal for hens to have combs, or do you think our black one is going to turn into a boy overnight sometime?
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