1. J

    Is my giant cochin a rooster?

    I was told she was pullet (99% chance, anyway), but she started crowing and doing the "shuffle dance" to anything not bolted to the ground😅 Bagel is 6 months old
  2. F

    5 week old chicks, gender and breed?

    When I first bought them, the lady present said Bantams. Then I was doubting so I called the store and the lady that owns the place told me that they were jersey giants and gold stars. I've done a lot of research on gold stars and hardly anything pops up, it's genuinely annoying lol so idk if...
  3. CassieTheChickenTender


    This is mostly just for fun. 😉 They are only 5 1/2 weeks and 3 1/2 weeks The first two pics are of the 5 week olds. One is a crossbeak and is probly why she is smaller. The 3rd pic is the 3 week old which I'm sure will be super hard to guess what it will be. I'm gonna be doing gender testing so...
  4. brittanycuster94

    What gender and Breed?

    so I bought these chicks three Saturdays ago. I know my local tractor supply receive them on that Thursday so they’re like three weeks and two days old the two blackish ones are supposedly blue Australorps, but they look to me how my plymouth barred rock looked, so now I’m confused did they mess...
  5. G

    What breed + gender are these?

    I came across 2 chicks about 2 weeks ago and I am wondering what breed and gender these 2 adolescent chickens are?
  6. T

    Playing hen or roo with Delawares

    Got two Delawares a few weeks ago, just curious if anyone has thoughts on this one’s gender. I don’t know exactly how old they are, I’m guessing they were about a week old when I brought them home which would put them around four weeks now. I only put pictures of one because the other won’t pose...
  7. P

    6 week old Brahmas

    Alright guys I have 2, 6 week old brahmas. What gender are we thinking? #1- Blue #2- Black
  8. MegTheHenEggQueen

    Who am I and what is my gender :-)

    Smaller 3 (2 brown and 1 black) are just shy of 5 months old and all the others are almost 7 months old. Ok we will have photo overload today in this thread. I typically know 100% the sex of the chicken. But when it comes to Easter Eggers I sometimes am clueless. I will post some Easter Eggers...
  9. RejectedSingleChick

    Help identifying gender of bantam chicken

    Hi, I have a 6month old mixed breed bantam chicken, who I have no idea whether they are a rooster or a hen though I am leaning more towards rooster. They are very dominant in the flock but have not crowed or laid an egg unlike their siblings from the same batch. Would love some other opinions on...
  10. B

    Roo or hen?

    Any guesses? 4 weeks old
  11. GoldenBlossoms

    Is my dove a male or female?

    My dove started doing this just a few days ago. It's also the only time they have every let me pet them, is this a male or female behavior? And is she/he ok?? My Dove I have had them for almost a year now. Also idk why they picked the messy bookcase lol
  12. C

    Inhereted two silkies from a friends property

    I'm unsure if these are both roosters, I took in the two when my friend passed. I've raised Rhode Island reds before. I'm have a feeling the grey is a roo I'm unsure on the white. My only guess on the grey is because of its comb and wattle but it's not a pure silkie. Thanks for your help...
  13. L

    Silkie - any idea its gender or age?

    Hi! I was given this silkie a few days ago. I was told it’s a hen but not sure how to tell since it’s not laying or crowing. Also any idea how old? Thanks for any input!!
  14. Quacking ducks

    What breed and gender?

    Hi, I have 2 21 week old chickens that I’m not sure if they are hens or roosters. The light brown one I think is a hen. she’s been sitting in a nesting box a lot latelyThe dark brown I’m wondering if it is a slow growing rooster. It has some hackle feathers on its neck, in the last week or two...
  15. Basghettiii

    Wing check method on new babies

    So, I just hatched five little babies from my laying hens, and I am curious about the genders. I know pictures probably won’t be super helpful, given that the oldest one isn’t even two days old, but I checked their wings. I’ve read that if there are two distinct feather lengths, it’s a pullet...
  16. R

    What gender are these chickens?

    A friend of a friend is trying to rehome these young chickens with me. I cannot take a rooster. These are the best photos I can get. Can you help tell me their genders?
  17. Galaxy_rules

    Silkie Genders?

    Ok, What gender are these silkies? They were born on June 26/27th this year. Chick #1 ( Dr. Z ) is definitely a rooster and has been crowing for the last month or two. Chick #2 ( Nutella ) we are very stuck on them, they have not been crowing that we know of. They sometimes get in small...
  18. KCward

    8 month old rooster or hen?

    I have what I thought was a rooster but he is 8 months old with a small comb and barely any waddles. My girls from his batch have way bigger combs and waddles and have been laying for a while now. He hasn’t laid any eggs and I haven’t heard him crow. No other roosters. He doesn’t act like a...
  19. G

    Chick Sex? Silkie Roo Father.

    I have more pictures of my three-day-old Orzo! (Hatched 7 am 11/7) I am still pretty confident the mom is my late BR, Primavera, but it could also be half EE like my other hens. (The coloring would make more sense if that is the case) I know that at this point it is pretty much a waiting game...
  20. B

    Wyandotte Bantam & 2 ameraucana’s 9,5 weeks.

    these are now 9,5 weeks. Any additional help on gender of these would be appreciated!
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