1. judithGold

    Pullet or Roo

    I’m at a loss with this one? Pullet or roo??
  2. Jackschooks

    Gender help

    We were gifted three, what they called, Spangled Hamburgs. These two fight a lot and we are pretty sure we heard the black one try and crow? They're 8 weeks old. I'm convinced they're both roosters but have no idea.
  3. Tmartin7711

    Silkie coloring and sexing

    Hello everyone happy new year! I have a silkie that I'm not quite sure what her breed is. Also if she is a she. Pluto is about 10 weeks old and has quite a personality here is what she looked like as a baby. Both her parents are paint silkies. Comb is a U shape but so is her mom's.
  4. Pandang81

    Cockerel or Pullet? Chicks are 7 weeks old

    Please let me know if you think cockerel or pullet. I’ve labeled them in the first picture 1-4. I bought these from a Breeder who said they were all female. He says he checks gender by wings & he sells his cockerels to a company for butchering. Please let me know your thoughts, I’m curious about...
  5. H

    EE Hen or Rooster?

    Bought at Tractor Supply which had supposedly sexed as a female, but at 18 weeks has developed dominant behaviors and rooster-like feathers. Is confusing because no EE red wing tip feathers, and is crowing a “strangulated” crow.
  6. Jaimes09

    Chicken gender

    How can y’all tell if they are rooster or hens? I have 3 chickens and i am pretty sure 2 are roosters and one hen but im getting told two of them are hens😂. Anyway i can confirm?
  7. RedBaronFarm

    New Chicken Owner with a Surprise (gender question)

    So I am a new chicken owner and was gifted three chickens and was assured they were hens. Well, fast forward 6 months and I think I have 2 Roosters and a hen. I am very new to chickens, but one grew very quickly and has quite the comb. I am pretty sure he is a male, but I'm curious about the...
  8. alecia555

    Polish chickens gender??

    hey all!! i am very new to the whole polish breed and these are my first two. they are about 7 weeks and i know usually that’s quite early to tell the gender how ever my two have extremely different crests to each other so i thought this may be a way of sexing them?? any help would be great :))
  9. M

    Araucana chicks - boys or girls?

    What is the sex of these two Araucana chicks? Not sure how old they are exactly, I think they're a little over 1 month. Somewhere between 1 and 2 months old. A couple of photos may be a little over-exposed from the light. All Red chick Chick with Black Leakage Both of them together
  10. A

    Black Australorp gender help please :)

    Any ideas what genders these four black australorps may be? For a while we thought 2 of each and then it looked like maybe 4 of each and now I’m not 100% sure on the two that may be roos but may just hens that are maturing earlier than the other two. These photos were taken a week ago at roughly...
  11. M

    Help with identifying breed and sex of Easter Eggers and other crosses

    I have a few Easter Eggers and other cross breed pullets or cockerels that I need help with identifying their sex. And also help identifying which crosses they are if possible My hens are Araucanas (red, lavender, white), Cream Legbars, Black Australorps, black Olive Egger and Black Copper...
  12. chickennuggt

    Mâle or Female ?

    Can someone help me identify gender ? I am thinking he(?) Is a male, but not sure. 4 months and 1 week old black Australorp chicken
  13. 23kthistlethwaite

    Gender help

    Hi, I ordered ten pullets from Meyer hatchery and seem to have gotten some boys. I’m very disappointed as I’m sure that the first two are cockerel’s (tho please feel free to tell me I’m wrong) but am hoping that my Brahma doesn’t make three 😞. They are 5 1/2 weeks old I have never had a chick...
  14. M

    Any chance this chick is a pullet??

    First time chick mama here. This is an 8 week old GLW from Meyer hatchery. Any chance it’s a pullet as we were told when purchased?? Thanks for your help!
  15. S

    What Gender and Breed are These Two?

    Hi i have two chickens that im pretty positive are roosters but wanted to be sure and i am also wondering what breed these two are if anyone can help. I can get more pictures if needed. There is no functional spurs but have spur buds although i know some hens can get those also and they have the...
  16. C

    Really hoping not a Roo

    This is Slippers. The picture with the darker Feathers.... the chicken I didn't want and now am just so attached to. Friendliest chicken I have ever had. Will ask for me to pick her up and snuggle against my boot when I haven't picked her up. She is a light Brahma and I am just hoping that I...
  17. C


    About 5-7 months old. My other bird from the same hatch is laying but this bird is a bit bigger and doesn’t ‘go to ground’ or lay yet. No spurs and only just grew in the comb and wattles this last month. No rooster crowing. Regular chook noises but a low voice haha. Very slow to mature but very...
  18. Excitednewbie

    Help sexing 6 week old chick

    New to the whole poultry scene, our chicken math collection started off with one of those hatching eggs programs for the kids and has grown alot since :D currently our four oldest chickie babes are 6 weeks old so we are trying our best to work out the sex, this one little babe has been baffling...
  19. A

    Gender guess, 9w sussex

    Hey, so these fellas will be 10w in 2 days time. I'm pretty certain they are all roosters except for 7, 8 and (maybe) 4??? I have included 4's saddle feathers as they aren't as skinny and pointy as the other 3 buffs... The LS boys don't seem to have pointy saddle feathers...yet pretty certain...
  20. C

    Is this frizzle bantam a rooster?

    I bought this frizzle at 6 weeks where it was suppose to be a pullet but I'm pretty sure I heard it crow this morning. Can anyone confirm if it is a hen or rooster. Pictures are current at 12 weeks of age
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