1. S

    Help: Muscovy ducks sick, not walking, standing or eating

    So my father owns a flock of ducks. Suddenly a couple of days ago he noticed that a few of his Muscovey’s weren’t coming up to feed. There is two adult muscovey’s and two Muscovy ducklings that seems to be affected. He has them isolated now. One of the adult Muscoveys won’t eat, stand or walk...
  2. R

    Help 3 week old Cayuga duckling panting!

    I have 2 three week old Cayuga ducklings and they both seemed perfectly fine, they eat, drink, swim in the bath, and play. I have recently noticed that one seems to be panting quite often and I know that he isn’t overheating. This morning I noticed the other one panting but she has since stopped...
  3. Tilly6

    Can I get a chick to keep my single duckling company

    I had a duck abandon her nest when the duckling was hatching. I tried to hatch her eggs that were left, but nothing came of that. I have a 4 day old duckling alone in the brooder, in September, in UP Michigan, no one is hatching ducks. Can I get a chick or 2 to keep it company? It’s absolutely...
  4. M

    Just Hatched D

    This duckling hatched about 10 minutes ago and seems to be doing fine except for this large attached bulb. What is this? What can I do about it? Is this normal?
  5. S

    help me i dont know what is my two ducks breed and gender

    they are two months old i put alot of pictures so u can see them from all side and help me know their breed and gender💜thanks
  6. Chicken Quest

    |~Best Poultry Photos Contests- ENDS Sept. 15, 2022 -PRIZES!~|

    We're back with another contest! Me and @Duckpip will both be giving out prizes. Here are the leaderboards. All of my drawings will be pixel and @Duckpip digital art. @Duckpip will do goose and duck and I'll the rest! Duck Leaderboard Drawing of PFP Drawing of Entry with background Drawing of...
  7. proudduckowner22

    Does Metzer farm ship to Canada?

    Hey all. I’m thinking of ordering a batch of about 10 ducklings from metzer farm, But not sure if they would be able to ship to Alberta, Canada. Anyone got any help on this? Would they charge me extra too for shipping here? And what’s y’all’s experience with metzer too. Thanks!
  8. H

    Should I be adding water to my ducklings food?

    Please help me! I have been feeding my duckling starter chick feed and some websites say I should be wetting it in order to stop them from choking on the food. Should I be wetting his feed? He is about three weeks old now.
  9. H

    ducklings only eat when hand fed

    I always have a duck feeder full of food and I rarely see my ducklings eat from it so I try to hand feed them and when I do hand feed them they always go crazy over it and even fight for it. But they dont go for the food in the duck feeder, is this normal? 2 week old muscovy ducklings btw.
  10. AshleyNicole06

    Duck eggs...

    Quick question! Please help! I have 6 eggs in an incubator right now. Lockdown will be with a couple days for atleast two of them. (They are all on different days) I'll have to take the automatic turner out.. what do I do with the other eggs that need turned during lockdown? I can turn by...
  11. Canadian Wind

    What colour is this? Muscovy

    I am considering purchasing this duckling. I'm just unsure what the heck colour it's going to be! Anyone have any idea?
  12. zoereef1221

    These are ducks but help!

    We just got two ducks from Tractor supply and they said the yellow one was a pecking duck and the grey one with yellow they said they “think it’s a breed that stands straight up” but they weren’t sure of the name of the breed. Anyone know? Also when and how can you sex ducks!
  13. S

    My duckling won’t stay under their heat lamp

    It hatched this morning and is very attached to our kittens. When I take it away to put it in its own cage with its heat lamp, food, water etc, it starts quacking and trying to get out (I think). Is this normal or should I be worried. (If so what can I do about it)
  14. R

    Southeast hatcheries?

    Hi all, first time post! We are looking to order some female ducklings. We started our flock from TC, but most of them ended up drakes and we are raising ducks for eggs. I’ve seen good reviews about Metzer Farms, but we are based in North Alabama and I’m hoping to order from a hatchery closer...
  15. Pwysprtlvr

    Duck Swollen Inside (Upper) Beak

    My 3-4 week old duckling was outside in her pen when I noticed she couldn’t close her beak. Upon further inspection, the roof of her mouth in her upper beak is very swollen causing the beak to look tilted to the right and unable to fully close. Drinking water and eating is appears to be a bit of...
  16. AnnieDuck

    Introducing Ducklings to Flock

    I posted a couple weeks ago about the issues one of our new ducklings was having. He or she…well, since it is clearly lucky to have survived we named it Lazarus and call it Lazzy so I’ll stick with that here. So to quickly recap the issues; we got 5 ducklings -not sure what kind- and 4 of them...
  17. Frankiestein

    6 day old Duckling not eating but drinking

    So I have about 15 new ducklings over the span of a week this duckling came out fine and was walking drinking water. I have noticed the 3 babies born at the same time are about 2x his size and growing eating and pigging out on food. This one is rather slow and always sleeping, standing or...
  18. B

    Help! Weak 3wk old duckling, issues with separation

    A brief history: I am a first time duck owner and have a 3 week old welsh harlequin duckling, from a group of four mixed heritage breed ducklings, that is weak. She has been a little iffy since arriving in the mail ( elevated respiratory rate compared to her companions, and a little dull). She...
  19. C

    My ducks are scaredy-cats

    Hi all, so I recently built a pond for my 4 ducks (7 feet wide, 4.5 feet deep) and the ducks naturally loved it immediately. We couldn’t keep them out while we were building it! Well as of lately they have been hesitant going in. The past few days they will approach the pond and examine it...
  20. K


    Hi!! My two oldest ducks (about 1.5 - 2 years old) appear to be possibly molting. It is the beginning prime summer time where I live (Maine) and it’s starting to get very hot out daily. I’m unsure if it is molting or if they are sick. They are acting normal, eating and drinking, their poop looks...
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