1. KCDC

    Splay leg

    So my daughter is raising khaki Campbell ducklings for her FFA class. We received 16 ducklings a week ago. One emerged as a ‘runt’ this week and a second developed what I believe is splay leg. We segregated the two, adding extra B Complex to their water. I used the vet tape treatment on splay...
  2. KCDC

    New Duck Dad

    (1) I am new to the world of raising ducks. I just purchased 16 day old ducklings that were shipped on Monday January 6th and delivered Wednesday January 8th (2) 16 (3) Khaki Campbell (4) What I love most about starting our flock is that it’s my 15 year old daughter that is doing this for...
  3. FoodFreedomNow

    Raising Runners In Winter

    Month old Runner ducklings hatched from my BBS and fawn & white stock. Looks to me like 2 fawn & white, 2 silver, and 2 blue. They go out in a plastic mil-wrapped hoop tractor during the day (if warm enough) and spend their nights inside a heated garage bay. A straw-filled litter pan works...
  4. M

    Unwell duckling, please help.

    Hi all, just registered, first time posting, on the 29th of November I hatched two new ducklings, other than one (now named Snowflake) having slightly splayed legs all had seemed fine, for about the first week they were fed a crumb / mashed boiled egg mixture and Snowflake gradually made a...
  5. J

    Hi! New to ducks

    Hi I'm brittany, I have 2, 2 month old jumbo pekin ducks! Their names are jack, and diane :) we are very new to raising ducks so any/all help would be appreciated!
  6. J

    Sick Duck?

    So I have been having troubles with my duck Lukas, he recently got Bumblefoot a few days ago and I'm starting to get worried he's getting worse. He hasn't been eating very well these few days, he will just nibble but never swallow even if it's soft foods. He has very runny and very water green...
  7. isabellaaddison

    FOUND 8 Muscovy duck eggs! 2 are turning dark need advice please.

    My favorite muscovy duck was killed by a raccoon close to my front yard. I was thinking about it, wondering why she was always hanging out by the front of my house and not by the water. I thought maybe she had a nest. Sure enough, I took a look around and found her nest. I recovered 8 eggs in...
  8. Remedy

    Weak Duckling need advice ASAP

    I was able to successfully hatch my first three Call ducks 7 days ago. I’ve hatched crested and runners before but no Call Ducks. One duckling has a very hard time keeping up with her siblings, and they are already twice her size. She won’t pant but she will breath heavily, and lay still for a...
  9. Graceeelizabeth5

    Runner Duckling Issues!

    So we just hatched 3 runner ducklings. One is super healthy, another has wry neck. And the other WAS healthy and then out of no where today lost ALL function of her body except for her head. They've been given niacin, probiotics, and electrolytes since hatch. The "bentneckducky" runs around...
  10. Pinckney

    P Allen Smith- any one been able to buy chicks from him?

    Much like Frank Reese I think purchasing chicks from Allen Smith is a non-starter, except maybe if they do another poultry workshop. I’m in search of a source for non-exhibition Aylesbury duck. Haven’t heard of anyone other than one of these two that have them. Maybe there will be a listing...
  11. Kimmyh51

    Respiratory symptoms video attached anyone had ducklings/chicks like this?

    Video (please ensure sound is up) Sorry you can’t see much,it would have disturbed them to shine a torch on them to light up the ducklings more (my lights are on inside but their container is in shadows) but to be isnt there isn’t much to see, it’s what you can hear. The duckling is in the...
  12. A

    newly hatched duckling questions

    Hi there I have 2 questions. We have just had 2 ducks hatch - 1 at 2:30am this morning and the other at noon today. It is now early evening. Is it safe to put the ducks in the brooder now or should we leave them be in the incubator? The incubator seems quite cramped. The first duck that hatched...
  13. Riley Adams

    Ducklings can't figure out drinker

    Hi there, I made a waterer for my ducklings out of a gallon hawaiian punch jug. I cut a rectangle into it height ways and then turned it sideways and filled it halfway. The ducklings know there's water in there, and peck around it, but can't seem to quite figure it out. They have a pan for...
  14. kuiper

    Question: How Can I Give My Special Needs Duck Company?

    So, I’ve been raising ducks for three years and hatching them for two. This last summer we had a little guy hatch with a bad leg. At first I just thought it was a tendon problem but after taking him to the vet; it turns out it was a fused joint. He is unable to bend his leg so he is stuck...
  15. Jemima Duck

    Duckling seems to have no vent?

    So I hatched out two adorable baby ducklings on the 10th, they have been seeming to do very well in general, and I had no concerns until I decided I might try to sex them. One of the ducklings seems to not have a vent at all, only a strange nub. I know this nub isn't the umbilical cord thing...
  16. DuckWhisperer06

    Can I get a Black Swedish from a Blue Swedish?

    We have a Blue Swedish hen, a Pekin hen, and had a Rouen and two Pekin drakes (the drakes are gone now). Somehow, we ended up with 4 Black Swedish, 1 Blue Swedish, 2 Pekin, 1 Rouen, and 1 Rouen/Pekin looking ducklings. My question is, how on earth did I end up with Black Swedish if we only...
  17. Muscovy Wunda

    Double crested indian runner Duckling

    Sooo I wanted to share with you all my beautiful 3week old indian runner duckling, who I knew was crested, but on inspection today, discovered two seperate bumps under that fluff. Essentially double crested. (Newborn pic first, then 2 from today) Okay so now a question for a breeders point...
  18. R3M1X

    What breed is this?

    I bought this mystery breed duckling at tractor supply. I know it wasnt a Pekin because it had very light markings. I looked at a duckling chart and it seemed to resemble a very light colored Welsh Harlequin duckling, but ultimately I am unsure. I assume it is a girl, but I cannot rule out it...
  19. DuckDaddy29

    Urgent/Duckling overdue for hatching

    It’s day 33 of hatching and my mallard duckling hasn’t even piped yet. When we try tapping on the egg shell, we don’t hear a chirp or anything. When we try candling it, we don’t see movement. It also has a black spot inside the shell that has been there for a few days now. We had another egg...
  20. Oreo and I

    Oreo and I

    My little muscovy mix duckling is full grown now XD. Love him to bits.
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