1. P

    What Gender are my Muscovy Ducks??

    Hi! I have two muscovy ducks about 8 weeks old that I have been trying to figure out if they are a boy or a girl. One has been slightly larger when we got them but since then they've both evened out in size so I can't seem to tell the gender. They both have very calm temperament and love to run...
  2. bellamoran27

    breed of this duckling?

    i have this little tan duckling and the breed wasn’t specified when we bought it... any ideas? :)
  3. bellamoran27

    how much do baby ducklings eat?

    so i recently bought three little ducklings & i’ve only had chickens in my lifetime, so i had to do a little research on what to feed them. i heard that mealworms were a good source of protein and a tasty treat, so i went ahead and bought them a big bag. the littlest one is about a week while...
  4. P

    Duck Legs

    Hi! My duck walks/runs totally normal but when he lays down, sometimes his legs do outward like this. Is this normal?? Paranoid duck mom over here lol Thanks!
  5. S

    6 Indian runner ducklings in London, UK (NW67DX)

    Hi, We have 6 Indian runner ducklings, 5 hatched 1.5 week ago and one 3 weeks ago. As we are keeping 3 adults as pets we are looking to give them away to a someone who can look after them.
  6. C

    Duckling with lump on neck

    A little over a week ago I got a new batch of ducklings that were 2 days old. I can't tell which one it is, but its either a Welsh harlequin, or buff duck and she had two huge lumps in her neck. One above her chest and one below her beak. I took her to the vet and they drained the lumps and...
  7. heyheypaula

    Duckling Hatched with Open Wound on Head

    I just got home to find 3 out of my four ducklings had hatched. The one remaining was unfortunately shrink wrapped which is disappointing enough and another has what seems to be an opening in it’s skull? Some sort of an encephalitis? I can’t tell if it’s head is the proper size compared to the...
  8. Kipmama

    Missing ducklings and Crushed Box

    Hi there! this happened to me 2 weeks ago and I've contacted several people and places about this but now I'm not sure what else to do. I ordered ducklings from a hatchery that I have been ordering from for a while and that I trusted. I ordered three ducklings, and they were delivered less than...
  9. CLovesDucks

    Angel wing? Or just slow feather growth?

    Hey y’all! Our newest girls are 5 weeks old. We have a runner and two blue Swedish. One of my blue Swedish has some weird stuff going on with her wing feathers. I’ve never had a duck with angel wing, so I’m not sure if it’s that or just slow feather growth. They were fed Manna Pro Duckling...
  10. ChickStavie

    Looking for Muscovy ducklings

    Wasn't sure where to post this but i am looking for a pair of Muscovy ducklings to add to my flock central florida don't need more then 2 and cant find that small of order online
  11. WannaBeHillBilly

    Charleston we have a Broody here!

    Hi friends, it looks like my one year old Indian Runner Lady "Katharina" is broody: I noticed last Sunday that she spent almost the entire day inside the duck house and on Monday morning she was sitting on two eggs which she viciously and loudly defended. Since then she spends most of her time...
  12. Ilyt

    Splinting issues with duckling?

    3 week old duckling suspected splayed leg. Hobbles but will still put weight on the leg, when sat down leg is pushed behind the body and never under the body. Initially suspected a niacin deficiency but 2 weeks on supplements and no real improvement, finally attempted to splint the leg however...
  13. Ilyt

    Splinting issues with duckling?

    i have a 3 week old duckling with a suspected splayed leg. She tends to hobble but can still put weight on the leg but when sitting the leg tends to be pushed out behind her. We initially suspected niacin deficiency but no improvement over 2 weeks and have finally tried to splint the leg using...
  14. C

    Is this mallard or wood duck?!?!

    Hey everyone I recently got a baby duck, a friend of mine found it in his yard and asked if I could raise it (probably because I already have rabbits and chickens). Ive had him for about a week now and we’ve named him Willy. Anyways I was wondering if y’all could help me figure the breed. Here...
  15. BReeder!

    Rouen ducks in Illinois

    Anybody have Rouen ducks in IL? Or even NW IN? I have 3 Rouens and 2 are looking like drakes. I really want 2 hens and 1 drake. I am willing to trade the extra drake for a hen if you have an extra in your flock, or buy a young Rouen hen. I could even hatch eggs if you have fertile Rouen eggs. My...
  16. awyman

    Best Hatchery For Ducklings & Goslings?

    I am wanting to order more ducks and maybe even two goslings. I want to make sure I order from a very reputable Hatchery, just want some healthy babies. So does anyone recommend a specific Hatchery? Or have any bad experiences with any I should stay away from. Thank you in advance. :)
  17. P

    Ducking laying down with neck out... normal??

    Is it normal for ducklings to lay like this??
  18. T

    Duckling advice please

    Help! We have 8 MSV ducklings which are nearly 3 weeks old. Mother hatched them fine and has been very protective (Drake not so much and have kept him separated most of this week). Mother has just attacked one of her ducklings, and we noticed it has blood around the beak. Not sure if she...
  19. P

    Muscovy Duckling Gender

    hi there! I have 2 Muscovy ducklings about a month old (one may be a few days older than the other) but I was wondering if there was any way I could tell the gender at this age or is it still too soon? I have attached a few photos of my babies :)
  20. Ducks4life2019

    Duckling trouble!

    We have a duckling that’s vent is swollen......acting like it’s constipated. Any ideas on what’s causing the swelling?
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