1. DuckDaddy29

    Urgent/Duckling overdue for hatching

    It’s day 33 of hatching and my mallard duckling hasn’t even piped yet. When we try tapping on the egg shell, we don’t hear a chirp or anything. When we try candling it, we don’t see movement. It also has a black spot inside the shell that has been there for a few days now. We had another egg...
  2. Oreo and I

    Oreo and I

    My little muscovy mix duckling is full grown now XD. Love him to bits.
  3. outsageous

    information on wood ducks needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been raising a Wood duck for almost 10 weeks now, & I’m a little confused about some things. I’m really trying to figure out how old it is & what sex it is. I was waiting patiently for the yellow ring to form around the eye, but I have yet to see that happen. I thought it would...
  4. Momplus1

    Please Help Me Treat Duckling With Wing Injury

    I have 6 ducklings (assorted breeds purchased from TSC) that are approximately a month old. The duckling with the bleeding wing (? bleeding from pin feathers?) is a Pekin. They stay indoors but regularly go outside to swim in their tiny pool. Today, I noticed dried blood on the edge of both...
  5. AndreaBonnett

    Help identify ducklings please.

    We just got two adorable little additions to our flock and we are not sure what they are. I just can't wait to see what they turn out to be! Anyone have any idea what they are? The one with the dark beak has black fluff under it's yellow fluff and the underside of it's beak is half black and...
  6. A

    Injured duckling!

    One of my ducklings got his leg caught in some wire late last night/early this morning. He is drinking water but not eating. I moved him inside so the other ducks wouldn't get on his leg. He can't get up/stand up, of course. I'm not sure what I should do to help him. I'm not even sure if he will...
  7. Kate Morgan

    Is my TSC Pekin really a Pekin?

    The black spot does not come off. His fluff is definitely just black there. Also, I've noticed that two of them, including this one, have significantly lighter pink bills than the others. Mix breed Pekin? Or something else?IMG_20190902_221621520_MP by Kate Morgan posted Sep 2, 2019 at 10:20...
  8. Broody Duck! - What now?

    Broody Duck! - What now?

    Phase 1: Arf! Arf! Got you! You enjoy the ducks running in your backyard every day and you do your chores including daily egg-collection but then one morning one of your ducks won't come out of the house. You step inside your duck's house and there she is, sitting in a nest either anxiously...
  9. MuckyDuckMomma

    Duckling help!!

    I have a sneaky suspicion that a new neighbor took my broody Indian Runner Duck. She was clearly the one easiest catch and they've had quite an interest in them but that's a separatet issue for the moment. There was clearly a sign of struggle throughout the pen and the house, her feathers...
  10. Farmer In Training

    What do I do if my duckling has a crooked neck?!

    hey all! This is just in case someone ever looks this up on google. Hi. I recently went through a long journey with a little duckling named twister. His neck had developed wrong and it was curved. If you have a duckling like this and need some advice, I’m answering some questions I had that I...
  11. WannaBeHillBilly

    How do ducklings find their place in the flock hierarchy?

    Hi Friends! About two weeks ago my Indian Runner Duck Katharina, hatched out a total of seven ducklings and since three days they are running around with the rest of the flock. No serious attacks from the other ducks or my two drakes have happened so far, which makes me wonder how do those...
  12. robbeard11

    Are duckling in high demand in Tennessee?

    Hi! i live in Lawrenceburg, TN and I am thinking about getting pekin ducks and Muscovys and hatching their eggs to sell ducklings. Has anyone had success doing this and do your ducks sell quickly?
  13. bellamoran27

    the breed of this duckling?

  14. S

    2 week old cayuga ducks -EMERGENCY-

    Good morning! I'm new to this website I've been reading multiple threads about my ducklings but i truly don't know what else to do. I had 9 Cayuga ducklings when i left for work yesterday they all looked healthy and happy and had plenty of food and water. I came home from work at noon and 1 of...
  15. Muscovy-palooza

    Second duckling trouble swallowing water. Advice please

    Little Charlie is eating and growing but has a hard time swallowing water. He has rubbed the feathers off of his head and back. Seems awful Coincidental that I have had two ducklings with the same symptoms. Been adding B complex to his water. What is this? Advice?
  16. Rammy

    What breed are these ducklings?

    Went to TSC today and got two baby ducklings. Im hoping they are khaki campbells but Im not sure. Anyone have any guesses? Thanks in advance!
  17. DuckMama9

    How to keep Owls Away

    I am raising backyard ducklings and there’s an owl(s) in the neighborhood. One swooped down over my flock twice one morning and I had to scare it off. This morning it picked up and took the head clean off of a young dove in my yard! I can’t help but think that could’ve been one of my...
  18. V

    Duckling can't walk, How do I rehab them?

    So I recently hatched 6 ducklings and for the first 3 weeks they've been fine, however recently one of the ducklings hasn't been able to walk. Her legs are splaying out slightly and she is otherwise healthy and eating/drinking as normal. When she wants to move around she'll sort of shove herself...
  19. DuckMama9

    Can you help identify these Ducklings?

    I obtained two ducklings from tractor supply to augment my mixed flock of black Swedish and Indian runners. The two from tractor supply are two weeks old now and are grey and yellow. I’m pretty sure the blue-billed one with mostly grey body and a touch of yellow on the collar is a blue Swedish...
  20. P

    Duckling with shaky legs

    Hi there, I have two four week old khaki campbell ducklings, one of which legs seem to continuously shake. I originally thought she was just nervous around me but she is friendly in ever other way and will eat whilst shaking or snuggle on my lap and generally be relaxed, but she won't stop...
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