1. S

    Pekin duck injured leg????!!!!

    Hi all. So this pekin isn't mine, but stays in the stall with my fostered orphan goose. They've been together since my goose was still a gosling because she had a bad staff infection and had to be separated from her flock back in I believe April or the very beginning of the summer. They get...
  2. K

    Pekin leg problems

    I feel like i’m doing something wrong. I had to put down my duck earlier this year because her hock joint blew up. Antibiotics and pain medication for weeks and it just got worse and came down to her quality of life she was living. Fast forward to my other pekins duck, same exact problem. Weeks...
  3. Bochama

    Duck not quacking

    Hello everyone. I have 3 beautiful ducks who I got when they were around a week old. A pekin,rouen and black swedish. My pekin and black swedish are one or two days older and started to quack but my rouen still hasn't started to quack. She also has one wing drooping down which I think is called...
  4. peckarooski

    Re-home Pekin Ducks - Columbus, OH

    We have one full-grown, healthy pekin drake and are having trouble sustaining him with our chicken flock. He keeps trying to mount the hens. This pekin is free to a good home that will take care of him, sort of like a pet! Please do not butcher him. You must show ability to care for him...
  5. M

    Duck tripping over toes and can't walk

    Hi, I have a pekin duck who's about 2 months old. As of yesterday he has barely been walking. When he walks its almost as if he is not picking up his right leg because he drags his foot and his toes curl right under his foot and then he trips and falls. They get Purina duck food and they like to...
  6. B

    Rehome 3 Pekins

    Hey everyone, Over the summer I took in a female Pekin duck who a neighbor was just going to dump. At the time I didn't have a fenced in area on my property so I kept her on my porch at night for the first few weeks until I got my yard fenced for her and built a pen. Around that time she...
  7. Jazzc

    Problem with bantams leg?

    My pekin bantam has recently stopped being broody (she was broody around 3 weeks to hatch out some eggs) and I have noticed alot of white feathers scattered everywhere(like ALOT of feathers), so I inspected her and her legs seem to be missing feathers (she's a pekin so her legs grow feathers) I...
  8. jennasips


  9. alecia555

    Breeding Pekin Frizzles

    hey all! i’ve been looking at getting a gorgeous pekin frizzle roo and have been doing some research on the breed to see what i can breed it with however the results are not giving me very much info and thought someone on here could help me more. i know breeding frizzles is quite confusing and...
  10. M

    Pekin feet injury HELP/insight!

    Hi everyone, Big Mama has been having issues with her feet for a little over a week now. I am between thinking it’s bumblefoot or a callous. She is also limping, only bearing weight on her left foot, which seems odd because that one looks worse. I’ve been giving Epsom salt baths to her feet...
  11. B

    Anyone know what breed my day old chick is?? Pekin?? Or Maran??

    Wondering if anyone could help me identify my little day old chick. I went to pick up my little day old polishes and RIR bantam and when I was there the breeder told me she had a little Pekin with a wonky beak that looked as though she may develop scissor beak and would give her to me with the...
  12. jenna elizabeth

    Help! My duck has a swollen leg

    Please help! My ducks leg has been swollen but she was walking around still and I figured she was fine… well a few days ago I noticed her laying down a lot and when she tried to walk she couldn’t well… I’ve been soaking her in warm epsom salt bath once a day and keeping her in a little crate...
  13. FlexG279

    Duck Coop Ideas

    Any ideas about turning one of these XX-Large dog houses into an outdoor duck coop? I use one as an Indoor house for them right now and was wondering what upgrades it would need to be put outside. Any ideas??
  14. DuckDuckPromise

    What do y’all think here?

    Hi there friends! Our Cayuga and Pekin ducks are giving us eggs! Praise the Lord!! I can’t tell if this egg is fertilized though. The Cayuga drake is active, but I’ve never seen the Pekin drake mating with his females. The Pekin eggs don’t exactly look fertile, and the Cayugas do, but I have...
  15. DuckDuckPromise

    Uhhh... why is our girl doing this?

    Hey there friends! I have 4 Pekin ducks... okay, so Praise The Lord, everyday I get 3 eggs from their coop!!! Which is great! It would leave on to believe though, that there are 3 girl duckies, right?! And also a thankful thing, I am 99.99999% certain that we know who the drake is, but he...
  16. C

    Help! My Momma Pekin Duck Daisy is Missing. What do I do with her Eggs?

    Hey everyone. We have a duck pair of Pekin ducks, Donald and Daisy. Daisy has laid 19 eggs and has been broody for a couple of weeks. Last night she came up missing. She was there when we went to bed, but this morning she was gone. We looked everywhere for her and she's nowhere in sight, she...
  17. FlexG279

    Start of Angel Wing?

    I don’t know if it’s just the feathers growing a weird way or the start of Angel wing? It’s on both sides. They eat Kalmbach Duck and goose food at 18% protein but I mix it with raw oats to get it down to around 16.
  18. S

    Bruised duck beak?

    I’ve been away currently at uni and have left my ducks in the care of my parents. They’ve told me my male duck seems to have bruising on his beak and was curious to know if he’s just hurt himself or if it could be something else? He seems alright within his self but his beak isn’t looking the best.
  19. Adil_Ali

    ducks and chickens togethor?

    Hey there, i breed polish chickens, and I got ducklings a few weeks back. I’ve noticed that the ducks have no grown up and cause a huge mess 💩😭, and polish hens need a dry environment, do you recommend I sell the ducks/ make them a new coop? are ducks even suitable to keep with chickens...
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