1. L

    New homes needed for two chickens - East London, South Africa

    Good day. I have the following two chickens that are looking for loving homes.... 1.) Sold to me as a PEKIN pullet. Grew into a Pekin sized hen that lays Pekin eggs but she has no feathers on her head and top part of neck. Also she is lacking feathers on her legs. She has wry tail and she is a...
  2. Stephdk

    2 Pekin ducks in SW Chicagoland in need of re-homing

    Hi All, We have 2 beautiful ducks we inherited from a college aged family member who had no idea what he was getting into when he took them in as hatchlings. He raised them indoors and they are fantastic with him but he lived in a small studio apartment on campus and was at risk of being...
  3. C

    Anyone do a skin biopsy on their duck?

    I'm curious about whether anyone has ever had a skin biopsy done on their duck. I am trying to figure out next steps for my Pekin duck Penny who has some sort of bacterial skin infection. She's been to see an avian vet twice now. She's tried 5 different antibiotics, injectable meds for...
  4. AshleyNicole06


    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has seen this before? Its hanging out of his butt and at the end his penis I think. I thought he just froze his penis to ice, and when I went to bathe him in Epsom salt and warm water. I felt it, and it wasnt cold. Theres also blood? Hes a pekin. He seems to be...
  5. C

    Pekin with droopy eyelid. Is it a problem?

    Hi all, I'm attaching a photo of my duck Tuppins, who I first noticed had a drooping eyelid (they both droop a little) 2-3 months ago. Nothing seemed wrong with her, and I just thought it might be a characteristic. I don't know if there's been any change in the last few months, but today it...
  6. C

    Update on Penny the Pekin

    HI BYC friends, I'm so thankful for all of the support, ideas, and help that so many of you have offered for my duck Penny. I wanted to give an update, and also document her situation on this forum in case anyone else encounters a similar situation with their duck. She had her recheck...
  7. DutchDuckies12

    Limping Pekin with no injury or bumblefoot

    Hello all, I have a nearly 2 year old male Pekin who has been limping for about 2 weeks now. He is quite a big boy and started walking with a slight limp maybe 2 months ago. He could still keep up with his 2 other Pekin females, no problem. His limp got really bad about 2 weeks ago and was very...
  8. hhurrell

    Is this Bumblefoot? Help! No weight-bearing after injury

    Hello! My >1 year old female pekin duck hurt her leg last week when she got tangled in some briars. I tended to her wounds day-of and they seem to be healing nicely, but one week later and she still won't put weight on it and it sits out to the side. The toes are very swollen and she refuses to...
  9. L

    Help sexing pekin chick

    hi everyone, I am getting a bit worried thinking my 11 week old pekin is a boy, shes quite red in the wattles and comb. What does everyone think boy or girl? Im new to chicken sexing and would love some opinions, thanks in advance
  10. M

    How to determine who is laying?

    Hello again I'm back at it with my wacky questions! So I have 4 ducks, a runner, silver appleyard, muscovy, and magpie/pekin (we think?), how can I tell who is laying based on behavior or looks rather than picking them up and feeling pelvic bones? I don't like to have to chase after them and...
  11. P

    Belgian d'Uccle X (and a Pekin!) - colour and sex?

    Hi there! We've got a number of d'Uccle Cross chicks hatched, and I'm terrible at sexing them. Their father is a purebred Porcelain d'Uccle, and their mums (1 frizzle, 1 smooth) are Japanese Bantam x d'Uccle (though, not sure how much d'Uccle since their legs are nearly feather-less!) I've...
  12. cmspivey

    New Member Introduction Post!

    Well, here goes it... My initial post! I'm Carlis! I'm not technically new to chickens, but I am new to ducklings! I have three eggs currently... Sadly, I think only one of them may be alive and well, though... We'll find out within the next few days! They're all Khaki Campbell x Pekin ducks...
  13. C

    Bumblefoot swelling?

    We have a Pekin we’re currently treating for a really bad case of Bumblefoot. We got her from someone who was unable to take care of her anymore. She’s on antibiotics and Aspirin from the doctor. My concern is, she had pretty obvious swelling joint on the leg were treating. About double the...
  14. G

    Saving fertile eggs through the winter?

    Winter is almost arriving and my duck is still laying eggs. Is it possible to save the fertile eggs through winter and incubate them after winter?
  15. G

    New owner of ducks

    I am of a new owner at raising ducks, and I got two Pekin ducks, one female, and one male. Currently, it is fall where I am living. In the last three days I went to check on the ducks I found eggs along the side of their bath water tube and was wondering if this was normal? I would think she...
  16. C

    Pekin with unusual skin disease - anyone experience this?

    This is my second post about my duck Penny. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had a duck with this issue, and what the outcome was. I noticed bleeding from area above her wings a few weeks ago. The skin under her feathers was raw and red. I took her to the vet and he said he wasn't sure...
  17. ecb4156

    Two boys or boy and girl?

    So I raised the Swedish Blue and ended up giving him away to my grandmothers friend who had the land for them at the time. But now that I have the land and I was talking about getting some ducks, shr told my grandmother that she would let me bring “Roan” and his/her friend home who happens to be...
  18. FathertoFeathers

    Is CBD safe?

    Last night a raccoon grabbed my Pekin drakes leg and tried pulling him through the fencing we have. He is limping pretty badly but nothing seems to be broken and he doesn't have any cuts or bite marks. Im planning on bringing him in and giving him a nice warm soak in the bath. My mom suggested...
  19. duck lover 27

    Drake to hen ratios

    Hey all! I'm a new duck momma of 2 Pekin drakes ( almost positive both are drakes ) they are I believe 10 weeks old. I'm ordering 10 Ducklings tomorrow to add to my flock! Breeds include Cayuga, Rouen, Welsh Harlequin, buff & black swedish..should all 10 be hens? That would make for a 1:5 Drake...
  20. Luizalas

    Traveling long distance with two Pekin ducks

    Please move this to the duck forum! I’m dumb and can’t figure out this website lol. My husband got orders to go to North Carolina and we’ll be leaving in the winter time. I’m currently in Illinois and the drive should be about 10 hours (we drive at night). Well have a truck with a back row of...
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