1. Squeak61

    Female Muscovy and Ancona

    I’m selling my female lilac looney Muscovy and my female lilac Ancona with heavy chest rust. They’re both from Al’s Quackery, and I have all their birth dates. I’m asking $50 dollars for the Muscovy, $20 for the Ancona, or $60 for both. I’m open to other offers. I’m in CT :)
  2. M

    New layer behavior

    So we think our ancona layed her first egg earlier today! She's our only white egg chicken and there was a small white egg in front of their coop. She's been making a loud sound I've never heard her do before. She made a little nest spot and sat for a while and did what we thought was egg song...
  3. A

    Edmonton area

    I need to find a temporary indoor home for my female ancona. We have to move somewhere I cannot have her. This is just temporary on both issues. I will supply everything she needs. I just need her to be safe and warm. She has never been with other ducks, since she was 3 days old.
  4. jojopetlover

    What breed is this - 8 week OEG, Ancona and 5 week EE?

    Hi, We picked up some day olds and were told we had a golden penciled Hamburg, blue Ancona and Old English Game. 8 weeks later and I'm thinking the blue is the OEG and black / white the Ancona? My guess on the sexing is the Hamburg is a hen and the other 2 are going to be roosters. We also...
  5. W

    Ancona vs Exchequer Leghorn??

    I have three chickens that I need help sexing/determining breed. - All three are 15 weeks - Order included 2 female Anconas and 1 male Leghorn/1 female Leghorn (lost one as a youngster) Can anyone tell me which is an Ancona and which is a Leghorn?? Characteristics of both are single comb and...
  6. lutherpug

    7 week old ducks near Kansas City

    I have 8 healthy 7 week old ducks that need a new home. They are my first ducks and as much as I love them, they're a little too much work for us at the moment. 4 Ancona (2 sexed females, 2 unsexed hatchery extras) 1 female Cayuga 1 female Blue Swedish 2 female Silver Appleyards I would...
  7. SansDuck

    Ancona Drakes for sale in the Ozark Missouri Area

    I have two Ancona drakes that are ready for a new home, they are currently four months nearing five months old. Both Drakes are beautiful and friendly, both have purple and green feathers mixed in with their black feathers. Raised together, would prefer if bought together. For pets or...
  8. Trimurtisan

    The Quack Shack

    Good morning folks of BYC! My name is Trimurtisan, but to keep it easy, just call me Trim. I did an introduction, but here's some more general information about myself and what's got me going quackers. I am a 36 year old father of eight, although only two of those happen to be human. We...
  9. RainForestBird

    Hatching Eggs Serama, Porcelain D'Uccle, D'Anver, Ancona & Australian Spotted Duck

    I have the following hatching eggs available, all are tested for fertility at least twice a month: Serama (smooth feathered) $35 / doz. Porcelain D'Uccle $35 / doz. Porcelain Booted Bantam $35 / doz. Quail D'Anver $35 / doz. Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben $30 / doz. Japanese Bantam &...
  10. Knepper

    Ancona ducks and other breeds?

    My precious male pete passed away. Its been very very hard for me and for his mate. He was a very gentle boy so i worry about getting her another male who may be agressive... she was more of petes protector than the other way around. Should i get her a duck of the same breed? And should i get...
  11. Phillisy

    Mystery Mutt Duckling... what do you think it is?

    On the 30th of last month I was given a 2 day old duckling that had leg problems (it couldn't stand or walk). Long-ish story short, it was niacin deficient but is now perfectly fine and living in a Rubbermaid in my bedroom until my other ducks and geese hatch. The girl who hatched him got the...
  12. MagpieDucks

    Chicks: Weekly Updates!

    1 Day Old: Tilly & Alaska Pistachio and Kiwi Loretta and Mabel Peaches and Mango Group Photo Pistachio Puzzle
  13. duckduckseuss

    Ancona Duckling Colors (?)

    I hatched 3 precious Ancona ducklings over the weekend! First one named “Doctor” hatched on its own with the exception of my making a safety hole after internal pipping. I’m wondering what color doctor could be considering the s/he is ALL YELLOW AND PINK!!! Literally no markings whatsoever. And...
  14. MagpieDucks

    Poultry Raising Endeavors of 2019

    Hey! I'm starting this thread to document my brooding and raising of chicks for the year. Feel free to join in for the ride! Lots of pictures will be included. :p
  15. thepinkcollie

    Ancona chicken has 5 toes on one foot?

    So while cuddling my chickens I recently noticed that my Ancona laying hen has 5 toes on one foot? She seems completely normally other than the fact that only one of her foot has an extra toe.
  16. KikiDeAnime

    The Ancona Chicken Breed

    On August 11th I got a Ancona chick from our local feed store as I thought it'd be nice to add a new different bird to the flock. She was bought along with 2 blue wyandottes and they're all 6 wks old now. They've been outside for 3 wks and the older birds have already gotten use to them...
  17. Squiggs

    Looking for female Ancona duck

    I am looking to add a black or blue Ancona hen to my pet flock ideally by next spring. She will be spoiled with love while living together with 1 Ancona drake and 2 female ducks. They spend time in a clean and secure run and free range while I am outside. If all goes well, she may even have the...
  18. redranger209

    Shipped eggs!!!

    I got my first batch of shipped eggs, Ancona duck eggs. I’ll probably updating with candling pics after day seven, the air cells are detached. Some are ruptured. Any suggestions for those?
  19. Mongocaver

    Murray Mcmurray - 1 year later

    1 year ago today we received 22 chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery. All were alive on arrival and still are today. When I was researching before ordering chicks, all I could find were horror stories. This post is for those folks who are searching before they order so that they know not all...
  20. Petriducky

    Marble and Mini

    Introducing Marble and Mini, my new ducklings! They're 9 days old, we got them two days ago, any tips on bonding? So far they just bite us constantly and scream , doesn't hurt but we don't want them to be scared of us like this.
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