Finally getting around to making a page for my coop! Still actively tweaking and reinforcing, so any critiques are appreciated!

First up is the run, pretty straightforward...nothing to see here:lol: Dirt floor, and I've bee using a semi deep litter method. Adding straw, pine needles, pine shavings, mulch, whatever I have access to at the moment when it seems to need a new layer. I have a stacked and buried rock apron around most of it, but still trying to figure out something for the front with the gate. Also, I will likely be adding hardware cloth to the bottom half of the run as temperatures get cooler and predators get hungrier. So far, the worst we've had to deal with were a few baby skunks. They were after the feed, and since then I've taken the feed out of the coop seeing as my birds are only in it to sleep anyways. No more signs of intruders since then.

So, our coop is a repurposed play fort, made of 3 walls of privacy fence, against our fence (making up the 4th wall). Here is where the run and coop are attached. I would really love to add a pop door or even an automatic door here in the future.

This is the girls nesting area, through the door and to the right. They are only using the three boxes that are straight ahead so far, so really I could take the rest out. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, my duck will decide the galvanized tub looks like a good place to lay. That's the reason that it is partially buried in the ground.
This is through the door, to the left, back corner. This area started out as the duck, duck, goose corner, but as they grow and mature, the drake is not as tolerant of the chickens, so I'm realizing now that having them confined together is not going to work. Great news for hubs, he gets to build a separate waterfowl enclosure, ASAP! This space I'm thinking will make a great brooding area in the future when we wish to add more birds.
This is the ladies roosting tower! Through the door, to the left and look up. They absolutely love this! Plenty of bars, I've got one thrill seeker that goes to the very top shelf, two that snuggle on the middle, and one that prefers to sleep by the window. Not sure if you can tell in the picture, but the lowest bar is at least 5 ft. high off the ground and they go up from there. I'm 5'9" and can't easily touch the middle roost, and there's no getting to the top without a ladder.

Another picture of the outside, you can see there's a window that I can close at night, or colder temperatures. For now, I have one chicken that seems to enjoy sleeping on the roost level with this window and enjoying our summer nights here in southwest Virginia. The bird house at the top was occupied this spring by a family of swallows when we started the playhouse to coop conversion, but now that it's empty I am planning on taking that down and relocating it.
Finally, this is the view of the back of the coop and run. This corner with all the rocks and junk is my son's "construction corner" so please excuse the mess! Boys will be boys! Anyways, in the photo you can see I have a dry creek bed as the apron for coop and run, as well as a shade tarp over half of it. My birds are allowed to free range our yard from basically sun up to sun down, so for now, this is more than enough room for 4 chickens! As I said earlier, some plans for the future include building a separate waterfowl enclosure and adding hardware cloth around the run. You can see the blue top of the EZ Up canopy in the background, that and a dog crate are pretty much the temporary solution for our waterfowl friends. Updates to come when they get their new, more permanent digs!