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    In an emergency, is it safe to eat the geese at my local park?

    There was a granny who played Skyrim live streaming.
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    In an emergency, is it safe to eat the geese at my local park?

    While I respect what peta does I agree they go to far. I heard they tried to sue a guy for a photo that a monkey took of itself that went viral. Saying the money they earned sharing the photo belonged to the monkey. What they should have done was asked the guy to donate some money to the monkey...
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    Chilled Chickens

    Take some pictures of Them and their coop and run and also some of their poop if you can.
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    Chilled Chickens

    Did they freeze to death?
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    Chilled Chickens

    Throw some warm blankets on the ground for them to sleep on or anything to warm up the ground if the can’t go high
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    Do chickens feel love?

    I have 6 chickens that will fight to sit on my lap all at the same time. It’s cute they fall off and try to get back on. The higher birds will peck the lower birds but they will not move. My chickens absolutely love me And I love them.
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    Calling All Buff Orpington Lovers!

    She might be a mutt. There’s a bit of white tint around the feathers. I had one like this. Not a purebred. The one I had laid more of a green colored egg rather than brown like an orp.
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    Roos or Hens?

    Pretty girls
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    What to do with hen who is bullying smaller chickens?

    Some weird chicken behavior I have noticed is when I’m holding a hen who is lower in the pecking order a higher chicken who wants to be held will start pecking the hen I’m holding. Now I usually walk away or try holding them both but I have also “pecked” the higher hen with my finger, this had...
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    What to do with hen who is bullying smaller chickens?

    Read the back of the bag to see how it should be fed. I just bought scratch grain and it specifically says that it is only 10% of their diet while the purine chick food I bought is 90% percent.
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    Integrating day-old chicks into a brooder with 3-week old chicks?

    Chicks can be vicious sometimes I would definitely have another brooder Available if you have To seperate them.
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    My black australorp stopped laying eggs after we gave rooster away

    I have 9 hens that used to lay eggs until I rehomed my rooster. Now I only notice half of them laying. I also noticed a few of them going through molt and winter is coming and they are going to bed a lot earlier. I also moved their nest boxes around. Is this normal behavior because of the things...
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    Drinking excessive

    May be unrelated but I had a cat drink water out of anxiety. It may help if you put an egg or egg like object in their nest boxes to encourage them to lay in the area. My chickens get frantic if I move a nest box or someone’s in their favorite nest and so putting one or two eggs in a nest box helps.
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    Baby Chicks cant stand on feet
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