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    Communal flocking?

    We've had a small flock of chickens since 2017. They freerange on our property and sometimes go next door to our cousins' houses but they don't seem to mind them being there. Recently, a neighbor across the road got 4 hens and now they show up when we give out scratch grains in the mornings and...
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    fastest chicken breed

    I'd like to know which chickens to keep that might be able to outrun a fox. I've lost five chickens this year to a fox and have no idea what to do about it. Faster chickens?
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    Pullet? Roo?

    I hope it's a pullet, but it looks very similar to my white rooster.
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    Dooped by TSC

    Could they be black sex link chicks? Half Rhode Island Red and half Barred Rock? They were selling those when I got my four whatever the heck they are there a couple weeks ago. The ones I got were supposed to be Red Sex Links, but once they were out of the red heat lamp light, they were yellow...
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    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    Tonight, I was feeling like crap, so my husband said he'd try getting the chickens in by himself. The past few nights I have grabbed the rooster while my husband coaxed the hens in the coop. Tonight, the hens were all in the coop and the rooster was on his roosting poll outside the coop. I hope...
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    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    This evening, Marco wouldn't let the hens in again. I couldn't catch him, so we herded the hens to the run and closed the door, then let him in once they were locked in the coop. He'll have to spend another night in the run. At this rate, I may have to build him his own little coop in the run...
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    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    Everything seems to have gone off very well, however, tonight when it was time to go to roost, he chased all but two of the hens and the young pullets out. The poor hens were terrified and wouldn't even go into the run and hid under the shrubbery. I went in and grabbed him by his feet off the...
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    Runt chicken?

    Last year we had two Buff Orpington hens go broody, so I let them sit on couple eggs each. I think some of the other hens must have laid eggs in both nests as they started out sitting on two eggs each and wound up with 4 and 3 eggs. Each hen hatched one egg then left the nest with their chicks...
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    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    The hens are two years old and the rooster is just over a year old. We have some young pullets and a few chicks, but the chicks have been adopted by his mother and he's terrified of her.
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    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    We had three roosters but kept the two younger ones in a pen by themselves as we only had 10 hens. Long story short, the original rooster was very aggressive towards my husband, then one day attacked my face when I reached to pick up a bucket I'd dropped. The next rooster was a brute and my...
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    What color egg would a Buff Orpington x Easter Egger lay?

    I had a Buff Orpington X Easter Egger pullet last year and she was the color of the BO, but had the green legs of the EE and she layed blue/green eggs. Sadly, she was taken by our neighbor's German Shepherd when he got out of his pen.
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    Rescue remedy question

    I am going to try this for my crazy broody hen who doesn't want to adopt one of the four chicks we bought. She seemed happy with the other three, but the larger one seems to get on her very last nerve.
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    Comment by 'kcpaull' in article 'Ten Reasons You Should Spend Ten Extra Minutes With Your Flock Every Day'

    For the past couple years, my husband and I would sit out with our chickens in the evening. I found it relaxing and it was great to get a break from constant housework. My husband pretty much was a donor at the Mosquito Blood Bank, so he stopped coming out. I soon stopped sitting with them, too...
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    Love my Buff Orpington and Easter Egger girls!

    Love my Buff Orpington and Easter Egger girls!
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    I had two hens go broody about a month ago and since we didn't want any more roosters, I ordered four Red Sex link female chicks online. The hatchery sent those plus a spare and after warming and feeding the chicks from 4:30 am until 10 pm, I went out to the coop with them and gently slipped two...
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