Communal flocking?


Jul 6, 2016
We've had a small flock of chickens since 2017. They freerange on our property and sometimes go next door to our cousins' houses but they don't seem to mind them being there. Recently, a neighbor across the road got 4 hens and now they show up when we give out scratch grains in the mornings and hang out with our flock until it starts getting dark, then go off home to sleep in their coop. They don't have a rooster so I'm wondering if they come to be with our flock for the protection of numbers and a rooster during the day. The largest raptors around here are Red-tailed Hawks, with the occasional Bald Eagle once a year. There are coyotes, foxes and bobcats, but I've not seen any evidence of them. The only chickens we've lost were to dogs that got out of their pens.


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Jun 21, 2020
I would check with the neighbor. Crossing flocks can spread diseases and your neighbor might not want anything from your flock spreading to theirs, and the other way around.

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