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    Rooster or more mature hen?

    Looks like a cockerel, but not a sexlink. Black sexlink males are barred. Where did you get them?
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    What to do (How to) import Chicks/Eggs from EU / Netherlands to US

    TSA does not screen passengers getting on international flights in foreign countries. Anyone coming in has to get through customs. Many food items are prohibited. I would hope they are not letting in poultry eggs from locations that have known illnesses such as AI, Newcastle, etc.
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    What to do (How to) import Chicks/Eggs from EU / Netherlands to US

    That is for domestic flights, not international.
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    What to do (How to) import Chicks/Eggs from EU / Netherlands to US

    Given that mail shipped eggs are subject to quarantine and require a lot of paperwork I doubt you can just carry hatching eggs into the US on a flight and be on your way. I can't find any info on the APHIS site about this scenario so your best bet would be to call and ask. At a minimum I expect...
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    I'm so sad!

    More information is needed. First suspect would be coccidiosis. Were you giving them medicated feed? How old are they? Where did the chicks come from? What does your brooder setup look like? What are you using for a heater?
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    Salmon Faverolle Sexing. Please tell me I don't have 7 cockerel's

    It is too early to be sure. However I see one that I would suspect is a cockerel. Most/all of the rest look like pullets.
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    Nervous about silkies -- advice?

    Sexed silkies are only offered by My Pet Chicken. Those that have reported here on MPCs bantam sexing have said they have been accurate. However it will cost you. MPCs straight run silkies are $6.50. Sexed pullets are an additional $22. If you are getting a small order on top of that the...
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    Why is my "blue" EE rooster turning golden

    It's gold leakage. Not a problem if you aren't planning on showing or breeding for show.
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    Rooster Bullying

    Pullets nearing laying age, as well as new layers are often cranky due to hormones. Add the usual nightly roost scuffle along with a small coop so it isn't too surprising to find some that want to perch outside. What is the cockerel doing? Is he chasing some of them from the coop?
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    3 chickens GONE without a trace?!??

    Trying to find a way into the house! Watch out for that bunch...
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    3 chickens GONE without a trace?!??

    I've had a fox take a half dozen birds with almost no trace. I've also had birds that have had a close call with something and are too afraid to move even though the sun is setting. Hopefully they will pop up in the morning.
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    3 chickens GONE without a trace?!??

    Fox or coyote could do it. It's also possible they got spooked by something and are hiding somewhere.
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    Help, is my chicken a hen or a rooster?

    At 10 weeks that's a cockerel.
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