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    Mereks disease

    After 23 yrs of raising birds, My flock finally has it. Booooooo!. lost 3 hen hatched-3 month olds already. Need to cull a few older birds that show signs of infection but seem ok. I have read all I can about it. Wondering tho.. if it is a herpes virus, couldn’t I give them an L-Lysine...
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    6 of my ducks are missing with in 3 1/3 hours

    We lost a bunch of ducks to a CAT!!! Broad daylight. No evidence. Just gone. We trapped the cat. It was a HUGE tom. Bigger that our 15 pound dog(not over weight) I looked it up and all the signs pointed to cat predation. They hide in tall grass and grab them. This may be what happened to yours...
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    Large roosters, smaller hens?

    Hi! I have experienced this senerio. I had a large barred rock rooster and smaller hens. The rooster ended up ripping all the back feathers off the smaller hens when he jumped on their backs. They were naked on the back and one even had some bad scratches for his sharp toenails. I got rid of the...
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    Leave eggs out or put in fridge?

    I don't wash the eggs, but I do refridgerate. In summer it is so warm, and I don't always use them up fast.
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    Do you ever encounter people that don't know where eggs come from?

    The wife of a friend of ours was given a dozen fresh farm eggs. She held them up to her husband and said" Aren't they cute!! What do I do with them?" My husband about burst a vessel trying not to laugh at her. He said"Eat them" She thought fresh eggs would most likely be full of salmonella...
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    Big Brother? Mother hen? Confused!

    I have 2, 2 1/2 month old chicks we incubated. One is a banty frizzle that is looking like a hen. The other is a gold link, R.I. Red cross that is looking like a cockerel. The thing is he seems to act like a hen to the little friz. She will go under him in rain,he holds out his wings for her...
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    Central Mn. Chicken Lover

    Greetings! I was looking to find an answer to a random chicken question amd found this site! I can tell I'll love it! We have just a few chickens right now. A amazing Thai game cock, a cochin banty, a R.I red, 3 cross chicks from previous 3, a black frizzle banty and a gold link red cross we...
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