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    Comment by 'ki4got' in item 'Dorking'

    Good article on the Dorkings, but I don't appreciate my watermark being removed from my Red Dorking cock...
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Araucana

    I'm relatively new to the Araucana, though I've wanted them for years. Now I have a nice pair of white bantams and an assortment of mixed-color LF chicks. I'm wanting to breed silver duckwing LF, so I'm keeping my eyes open for them. It's likely though I'll have to wait until spring to get any...
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    Hatchery/farm store vs breeder

    In a nutshell, if you want quality birds (breeding and show quality), buy from a breeder. If you just want pretty egg layers, hatcheries are great. The longer version is... Breeders breed their birds with specific goals in mind, whether that's body type and color conforming to the breed...
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    Canaries in SW Virginia?

    I bred American Singer canaries years and years ago but have missed the singing for so long... I'm looking to add a pair of canaries back to my home but can't seem to find anything outside of a pet store (unknown breed or sex!). Any suggestions for breeders in my general area or someone you...
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    BYC Breeders Directory

    I've entered my info on the form, please update your listing to include me? Thanks.
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    That first image shown of the red/white cock... He was one of GFF's first imports and test breeding from that line showed he was, actually, a dominant white carrier (see my earlier post). Leigh Schilling Edwards has one of his grandsons, who has proven time and again, to be able to throw black...
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    It depends entirely on the coloration of the SFH used... Black Copper Marans are essentially red Birchen (eR - brown-red is another name in some breeds for the same color). So if you breed with the typical mille fleur patterned bird, you'll likely get poorly patterned birchen birds IMO. With a...
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    The SFH has a variety of possible combinations. There is no firm standard for coloration, but the standard set by the Swedish Gene Bank is that than they MUST have mottling, a single comb and four toes on each foot. Skin color can be white or yellow, or lightly mottled. Beyond this, they can be...
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    Recessive White

    Like it was replied above, it all depends what other mutations are hiding under the white... From experience though, white dorkings typically hide silver grey and barring. crossing over a red, you may potentially get red duckwing, gold duckwing (heterozygous for silver in cocks - often confused...
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    Announcement Welcome To The New BYC!

    I like what I've seen so far! keep up the good work.
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    Narragansetts... Hens or Toms?

    I've got two young Narragansett turkeys hatched mid April. They both make a 'nork-nork-nork' and a 'bic' sound but I haven't heard any kind of gobbling yet. Hubby says when one is distressed the other struts a bit but I haven't seen it myself except once when I was holding the smaller of the two...
  12. Some rabbits in my colony.

    Some rabbits in my colony.

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    Capt, I'll be penning mine next month to start collecting eggs... not central but Roanoke area, if you're willing to drive or ship (eggs not chicks). Once I start hatching I won't be selling chicks right away, until they're grown a bit more and I can tell color, since I know ME and I keep...
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