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  1. Orloffs


    ^ An Orloff Cockeral Orloff Chickens Orloffs were developed in the Persian Gulf. They are named for Count Orloff- Techesmensky. They are fairly tall birds. The have a game-bird appearance. They have a brow, beard, & also muffs. Their temperment is usually calm. They are slow to mature. Very...
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    Sales Page

    Currently Available is: 2 Rhode Island Red Roosters 2 BR Rooster Mixes RIR's, Gray Japanese Bantams, Mandarin Ducks, Sebastopol Geese, Muscovy Ducks, Crested Duck Mixes, other Duck Mixes, Chicken Mixes, Royal Palm Turkeys, & Turkey mixes will ALL be available in the Spring. Adding Russian...
  3. Rir Chickens

    Rir Chickens

    Breed Information: Rhode Island Reds were named for the state in which they were developed. They are a great utility bird, used for either eggs or meat. Rhode Island Reds were made by crossing native birds with Cochins, Brown Leghorns, Brahmas, & Red Malays. Rhode Island Reds are a great layer...
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    BYC Sellers Guide - Table of Contents

    Hey guys i'm really sorry i've been off for so long. I will start updating this tomorrow from where I've left off. Thanks for your patience! Haley
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    Where can we buy Sebastopol Geese? Anyone know? Thank you!!

    Hi, I have sebbies and should be getting a load in Spring. I've never shipped, but would be willing to look into it. PM me if interested. Haley PS: I have whites and 2 splashes, so there is a chance they'll throw splash babies.
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    I'm BACK!

    Man it's been forever guys. I haven't signed in for months. I've tried with the laptop but it just wont let me on. So I have to use this old computer that freezes every 10 minutes and I reckon is about to crash! I've missed you guys and I've missed talking chicken with you! I'm sure there's...
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    Have about 6 bourbon red X royal palm poults.
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    emu chicks or egg hatching

    I'd love to have either an emu or rhea, it'd be great to protect my flock. How big of a pen would I need?
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    emu chicks or egg hatching

    Chickenzoo, can you tell me some information about emus? Like their temperments, how big of a fence they need, do they need a top on the fence? I think it would be very neat to have one.
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    Red fox attack- Strikes back- Check pg 2

    Just went out, and yes it is DARK. Friend got back from archery hunting out back, and he saw a grey fox, so there is more then just the red fox that know about my birds. Heard the foxes yipping, and saw my white horse come galloping up with his tail raised high like he saw something. The...
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    Red fox attack- Strikes back- Check pg 2

    Went out to do chores tonight. I couldnt find my golden pheasant that lives with my chickens. I walked around their pen and found a trail of its feathers leading out of the pen. I looked closer to find a hole ripped in the fence where the fox went through. Those chickens are on lock down...
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    Roosters fs - PA

    Malays on hold.
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    I just have to Vent

    I know how you feel. But a lot of the times those people who guess as to what something is do not know they are incorrect and are only trying to help with something. So that doesn't count on all things. Also, I have nothing wrong with how you feel, but if I was one of those people and I came...
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    Roosters fs - PA

    Have a big 'ole bucketload of roos to get rid of. Have some malays, some RIR mixes, some BR mixes, and a bunch of other breeds (pure). Most came from IDEAL hatchery and are about 6 months old. Some are about a year old now. Prices range from $4-$8
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    From all your chickens, ducks, turkeys etc. what one is your favorite

    My bourbon red turkey hen. She almost died the other day due to a red fox attack. It was terrible.
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