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    Massive eggs, runny bum and prolapse

    So I have an ex bat who has been laying for us on and off since we got her (and her three sisters, two are regular healthy layers, third one doesn’t lay at all , no idea why). At first hers were normal size, brittle shells and now they are every other day giant eggs (give or take depending her...
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    Red string in chicken poo

    This is so sad :( it doesn’t sound good and I’m sorry this is probably not the answer you were hoping for. We sadly had to assist one of ours last week who was ill and we knew she was in pain , she was old as well so I understand this will be conflicting for you. The farmer clearly knew his...
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    Red string in chicken poo

    I’m hoping you get an answer cause I’m curious as to what it could be. Is it made up of flesh or egg bits ? Have you felt it :/
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    Pasty Bum Help

    That’s exactly what happened with mine. The others all grew and the buff stayed at a week old size for three weeks! The buff ate and drank like normally but then this past week the buff just wouldn’t follow the others it would just sit and cry until they came back, I genuinely thought it was...
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    Pasty Bum Help

    Just an update. Sadly the chick didn’t make it, for whatever reason it hadn’t grown at all and the others were nearly three times the size of it, it was fine in the morning eating and drinking and crying as usual. by mid afternoon it was laid on its side, like its leg couldn’t hold it anymore ...
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    Is my hen brooding?

    Also just remembered our consistent broody spreads herself out and nearly fills a nest box by puffing her feathers out , almost flat and sunken into the nest box
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    Hatching eggs

    The picture is a little blurry , is there anything coming out of the spots? They could be the pores on the eggs , when I incubated a batch from my own flock the pores started to look really defined. How long have you been incubating they ? Also lots of eggs are different. Aslong as nothing is...
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    Is my hen brooding?

    It does sound like she’s broody. If you pick her up and put her out with the others does she return to the nest. Also another sign is they pluck feathers and put them in the straw or bedding. Not laying and sitting is a sign of broodyness but also could be a sign of illness, is there any other...
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    Pasty Bum Help

    I think it is, such a shame cause it was absolutely fine. Gave it scrambled eggs, didn’t eat it , banana and even yogurt and nothing, it just stands and stares at it . I feel a bit sad for it :/ I clean it every few hours as well and pop some vaseline around its bum to stop the poo sticking but...
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    Pasty Bum Help

    I’m not sure thr temp but the others in there with it are all healthy and happy and they don’t seem to hot or to cold. This chick has just stopped growing and literally sits and cries all the time , its bizarre, it still looks like a week old chick when it’s actually three weeks nearly. It’s...
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    Is it possible for a pullet to NEVER lay an egg?

    So happy I found this post, gives me me hope my lovely RIR will lay at some point, she will be a year end of July :/ she makes all the right noises, lays in a nest box clucks and nothing happens. She goes and sits on the other hens eggs but I’m certain she knows she needs to do something but...
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    Pasty Bum Help

    Hello, I recently added a buff orp into our brooder with our other chicks, at first the buff was a bigger than the current chicks So initially bullied them and pecked at their faces. A week later, said buff chick has pasty bum, hasn’t grown at all and will cry Loudly on and off through the...
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    Cream Legbar cross pheasant? HepA

    the size of your chick looks like one I have lol apparently it’s a buff Orpington but not sure, I have two but both look completelty different to each other lol. Think Iv been had by the breeder lol. Ours has a tiny little body but massive long wings ... maybe yours has some buff in it ?
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    Wild garlic? Beneficial for chicks?

    I’m gunna jump into this cause I’m really confused about wild garlic. Trying to find an answer. There is a another thread on here from a couple of years ago that says garlic and wild garlic is good for chickens ? 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Covid-panic-induced chicken keeping?

    I’m in England and it’s gone mad here, people who keep chickens have been told to be more cautious because for a few weeks a lot of local chicken keeps had their chickens stolen when this pandemic started. It’s crazy. Iv got a batch of chicks I put up for sale and had a few people contact to buy...
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