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    The khaki-Campbell duck Thread !!!!!!!!

    I incubated my Welsh Harlequin eggs and ended up with what looks like a Khaki Campbell.
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    Welsh Harlequin + Welsh Harlequin = Khaki Campbell?

    I have 2 pair of Welsh Harlequin (hatchery quality) and incubated some of their eggs on my own (while my ducks are nesting over their own clutches). I was shocked when 8 ducklings looked like Welsh Harlequins and the 9th looks like a Khaki Campbell?! I know that Welsh Harlequins descended from...
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    Comment by 'lsg1007' in article 'Kristin's Chickens: Merlin and the Wyandotte Posse'

    My EE looks a lot like Merlin (except with a grey/blue beard). She is also addicted to the sun. She is afraid of all the other ladies. Often, however, while running away from them in terror, a beam of sunlight may hit her and she instantly stops, puffs up, drops to the ground, rolls to her side...
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    8-week Easter Egger "pullet" - is it actually? *Updated 10-week pics pg 3 - Boy or girl?*

    Are all your chickens about the same age? I noticed that with my developing pullets, that the one that acted more dominant - seemed to develop more quickly making her appear to have male characteristics (bright red comb, wattles - color would come and go and sickled tail feathers). They are...
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    Barred Rock...Pullet or Cockerel?

    I thought she would be pretty, but I couldn't have imagined. What a lovely looking bird. Congrats
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    10 Week Old EE Mystery (as usual) - Boy or Girl?

    Just post a picture that includes the chicken's hind end from the side this time. I think everything except coloration screams rooster. It's just hard to let go of the color thing on an EE
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    The Worst Predator

    I just confirmed the "Missouri Wildlife Code" which says that you have the right to relocate or "dispose" of an animal who is in the process of destroying or did destroy your property/kill livestock/etc. There are likely exceptions to that Code - like endangered animals - but raccoon (the...
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    Thanks for the info. I didn't see anything on this site specific to this chicken. She seems to walk well otherwise. Just with prolonged digging does this seem to be an issue. I will try some Vit B to water just in case it's a B12 deficiency. But still a great website to bookmark
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    I don't know exactly were to post this. Just a question, if anyone knows the answer. I have a ~15 wk EE pullet who I have noticed once she has spent more than 10-15 min digging/dust bathing, she is unable to stand up. It is though she is unable to straighten out the tibiotarsal articulation...
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    10 Week Old EE Mystery (as usual) - Boy or Girl?

    Does the comb seem to change color? Bright red at times and then pale at others? Then I would say pullet based on coloring. This will be EE that doesn't follow the rules...Please post updates. And a shot of the tailfeathers would be great, too. It does look like its getting...
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    Roo - Ameraucana but...

    You might post this in the ameraucana section
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    Australorp - Pullets or Cockerels

    Pat's a Patricia. Jo is a bit more suspicious. I have a 20 wk Australorp and she looks like your Jo over the last few weeks. The only thing that looks rooish are its hackle feathers. But a still think a 19 wk Australorp roo should have more roo like feathers (assuming your dating is correct)
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    what the breed of the rooster in these photo's?

    It looks rhode island red-ish. But are you really in Iran...I don't know what breeds you would have there.
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    Polands but what kind/colour?

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but I love how your roo (in the second to last pic) looks like he is marching on patrol.
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    Need help for identification

    Is a lavender barred rock or other barred breed? It's very lovely whatever it is. The second looks like barnyard mix.
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