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    Lonely male duck please help.

    Yes, a duck trying to mate a chicken can kill it, they do not have compatible anatomy. Even if you got female ducks I'd still be worried that your existing male might try it one day, even if he's left them alone up to this point. If you have any male ducks they should be kept separate from...
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    Turned in foot

    Sometimes they're just....awkward 😅 You could try a more direct supplement to ensure she's definitely getting a sufficient dose (hand-feeding liquid), but 10 weeks on might be a bit late. Doesnt hurt to try, just might be a lot of work for little to no payoff
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    Lonely male duck please help.

    3-4 females per male is a *minimum* suggestion - sometimes they require even more, and if he picks a favorite girl theres not a lot you can do to change the situation and he can still overmate/harm her. Not saying you cant do it, just something to be aware and prepared for if you choose to get...
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    New Pekin momma

    so many things wrong here. Ducks shouldnt be kept as solitary animals. So you need a second duck, which means you need more room to keep them in. There's no reason to take a duck into public. They're not dogs, they're prey animals at their core and are very easily spooked by literally...
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    Lonely male duck please help.

    In the short term, spend as much time with him as you can. You can try adding a stuffed toy to his pen, a mirror, bird toys to keep him engaged
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    Safe to walk my ducks and let them roam around the park?

    adding a "no" vote to the list for the reasons stated, plus you have FIVE of them? One or two ducks on a leash is one thing....five ducks is something else, especially in an emergency like if someones dog gets loose and tries to attack. It doesnt sound safe or feasible to me.
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    Is This Duckling (The Right) Okay?

    They definitely go through a little bit of an ugly stage - is this duck wet from bathing/playing in water? Does it have access to water? is there anything else that seems off besides its appearance?
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    12 ducklings help

    Its best to check the niacin content in whichever brand youre using, but yes its likely that a supplement would be ideal. Check out Isaac's threads on it at the top of the duck forum - and...
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    12 ducklings help

    As noted its definitely not enough space so its good that youre getting something bigger ASAP. Ducks make so much heat and humidity of their own in their bodies. In addition to that, they don't have an appropriate waterer. Ducks need to be able to dunk their whole heads under water to rinse...
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    Outdoor pens for ducks- best builds/bought

    Anything carnivorous that can dig or fly is a risk - dogs/coyotes/dingos/etc, cats, large birds, foxes, mink/weasels of any sort. Even if you don't normally see them, they're there. How you build really depends on how invested you are in not losing them. Most people would go for hardware cloth...
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    Greenhouse duck coop, can I make it work?

    What's the foundation of the greenhouse? You want to make sure nothing can just dig under the walls
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    Pen and predator questions

    ducks are notoriously difficult to get off a pond at night once you let them out onto it no matter how far or close you put their coop to it - there's tons of threads of people having issues and looking for help. Other than that, yes there are plenty of predators that will be more than happy...
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    Fighting ducks

    Is this pen/dog crate their "coop"? If so you might just not have enough space. You'd want a minimum of 4sqft per bird, and it looks like you might just barely make that. With drakes and it being their first mating season I'd go for more. The one getting picked on has no where to *go* when the...
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    Ok - it's been a week .... Need advice

    ruthie sounds like theyre doing a mix of dominance/rapey behaviour and protecting barbe. I'd keep Ruthie in the kennel where they can look but not touch, and just work on introducing Barbe all the way. Try coaxing the welshies and Barbe together with treats maybe? Show Barbe there's nothing...
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    Poison Hemlock and Ducks?

    when there's plenty of other things to eat, they'll probably avoid it on their own. If they for instance were kept in a dirt run and the *only* green stuff they could reach through the wire was hemlock, they might go for it anyway despite not loving the taste or realizing it wasnt good for them.
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