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    Things I have learned .... the hard way

    First, chickens die. I used to cry but I understand they are birds and are very sensitive to the environment. I do not name them anymore that happened after my first flock. The best way to determine if you are doing everything right is watch, smell look. If it smells bad... like the coop...
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    What Do You Grow to Feed to Your Chickens?

    It seems all my tomatoes are for them!
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    Dreaming of Spring Gardening in the Middle of a Wisconsin winter part 2

    Look into winter sowing. You can set your seeds out now. I just planted tomatoes and Jalapenos and many flowers. They are all under the snow in containers. Can't wait to see them pop in spring! zone 4 b
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    What treats do you give your chickens?

    In summer I often freeze cucumbers from the garden that get too large or mellons. I cut them in half and freeze them. they love those! Their favorite is grapes and mealworms. In winter... scratch grains and oatmeal with sunflower seeds and corn. All kinds of kitchen scraps all year. sometimes...
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    want to hatch a companion

    Thank you. I will check it out! Yes, goslings do go broody, but she isn't at the moment as she is done laying. However, I was thinking she might again once I put eggs under her
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    Easy Peasy Nest box Maint.

    It works like a charm! no mess or run off like feed bags do, plus, the absorbency prevents mold and bugs.
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    Cockerel can't put weight on leg

    You see... the injury may very well be above the hock or leg joint. you don't know this. swelling will always move down the leg. Don't assume it is the joint. it may be his femur just as well. in fact, if you only noticed the swelling in the joint now... i believe the injury is above the joint...
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    Cockerel can't put weight on leg

    yup... consider it a fracture and then at least if it's not... it won't hurt. i checked out the broken leg of my goose who never squeaked either. Birds are amazing at hiding ailments. it's innate for survival, that's why they are so difficult for us humans to determine when they are sick or...
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    Raised beds?

    thanks <3 kind of a fifty B-day present as I gave up on my gardens two years ago. Esp. after the tomato blight hit. it killed everything including my will.
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    Raised beds?

    yup... made some too! the tomatoes will require a ladder!
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    Easy Peasy Nest box Maint.

    It's a real time saver especially when the girls crack an egg in the nest box. The cardboard soaks it all up and leaves no residue to clean up on the floor of the box. less mess, as egg doesn't come off unless you soak it.
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    Ants in the coop!

    food grade DE. Yup don't forget to sprinkle it into the nest boxes and any dust bathing areas... some of these tiny ants bite:(. I would think they would dine on them though. You can get it at TSC.
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    Cockerel can't put weight on leg

    If you want to get technical...use cotton balls or foam and a pop stick or something. He had luck with duct tape anyway... but he's not into all the work... Here's an old thread from BYC. It seems like a few of you have questions about this. In all cases breaks should be seen by a vet...
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    Cockerel can't put weight on leg

    If that concerns you too much maybe try the wrap they sell in TSC. You know... the stuff the vet uses after they take blood? It's stretchy... then secure THAT with duct tape.
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