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    Neighbors dog got my rooster today as he was protecting his hens. Captured on security camera

    Where my husband comes from (Rural Arkansas) if someone's dog kills a chicken....they almost always do it again. Everyone here seems to understand the and they either keep the pet always under control or they put it down. Out here though, we raise chickens for eggs and meat and can't afford to...
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    What is going on with my eggs?

    Wow! Thank you for the awesome video! That was amazing. Remarkable little animals, aren't they?
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    What is going on with my eggs?

    Thank you for the information. Being only a 1 year old chicken mama, I have never heard that. The number of eggs has dropped 1 or 2, so that is probably right. Thanks again!
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    Unsure about roosters. Looking for advice!

    Thank you for the advise. I think we are planning to replace him, but we really don't know what to replace him with. Any suggestions? We don't mind crowing, but fogging is not acceptable. I have tried to find a rooster, but I am not being successful. Thank you for any suggestions.
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    What is going on with my eggs?

    I have 7 laying hens that give me beautiful large eggs. 3 months ago, one of my girls hatched out 4 chicks. The original chickens started laying at the normal age but all of a sudden I find 2 unusually small eggs. The smallest being found at the end of a poop deposit, so I am sure they are...
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    How to Efficiently Clean Poop

    I use and swear by sand. I have a raised coop inside my chicken run/tractor. I started with hay, switched to pine shavings and ended up with about an inch of construction sand (not play sand). Every morning, after the birds have been let out I use a small plastic rake to remove the litter...
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    Unsure about roosters. Looking for advice!

    I agree with you 100%! I have 1 roo and 9 hens. I love to watch him with the girls. Only 3 problems I have with him is the LOUD crowing, (I've had him a year and still wish he would shut up sometimes) he has torn up some of the girls backs, and he flogs me when he can. He has 1" spurs now & they...
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    Limping chickens....what the?????

    Thank you very much for the link. I'm looking at it now.
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    Limping chickens....what the?????

    I am getting desperate to find something to help her. She isn't really eating much and I'm not sure she's drinking either. She looks pale and her tail droops badly. I am attaching some pics of her foot and vent and general appearance. Please help if you can. We may be putting her down soon. I...
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    Limping chickens....what the?????

    No, I do not believe so. How do you tell if it's a sprain?
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    Limping chickens....what the?????

    I have a 1 year old girl that has been limping bad enough that she just stops and lays most of the time. I have examined her more than once and cannot find anything that looks wrong. The pads on both of her feet look fine, her leg looks fine and no mites that I know of. I did notice her poop and...
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    Culling a long time rooster. Is there a better time of day?

    I have a rooster that started flogging me months ago. I wanted to eliminate him, but he is such a good rooster. I am able to free range my group on 10 acres, and he watches them like a hawk, no pun intended, and calls them when he has found food. He just became a dad to 4 chicks about a month...
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    What breed for egg laying?

    My Black Australorps are wonderful layers, winter or summer. They are pretty constant layers and, for me, laying 5 to 7 large eggs a week, and the only ones I have that get broody. They are sweet and gentle and good mothers. My Molly attacked my Beagle when he went after one of her babies. She...
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    Must have supplies for clean coop

    I started my coop with straw.....yuk! Too much poop buildup on the floor under it. Then I switched to pine shavings. Better, but it still left a lot to be desired. And then I put sand on the floor. The best decision I've made yet. My coop floor is about waist high on me and I can open half of...
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