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    ↠Photography contest!↞ Lets see some PRETTY BIRDS!

    Name of photo~ Um.....Mr, I must know everything that goes on? Chicken's name~ Oswin Gender~ Unsure, something tells me that Oswin is a cockerel though.. Username~ mustangrooster Fun facts~ I found Oswin's egg kicked out of a broodies nest. Mama hen was on too many eggs and I suppose on hatching...
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    Chicken came down with heatstroke

    Thank you. I do usually syringe feed my sick birds but; I have a feeling its simply just going to be a bad idea with her. She is having mini seizures/spasms currently.... I’m not sure that she’s going to make it. She almost seems drunk, which I'm not surprised, 40-degree weather can be a...
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    Chicken came down with heatstroke

    So, Yesterday my bantam came down with heatstroke, a very bad case of it too. Thought she was nearly dead. Poor baby. I rushed her to cool water and emerged her whole body in it (minus the head). She seemed to slowly be getting better until this morning. She is simply just sprawled out in her...
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    Broody Contest!!

    Very cute! One of my current mama hen's, Gyspy;
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    How many birds are in your current flock?

    Um....where do I start..... Well, we started with 6. Ha, that didn't last for long! :rolleyes: I used to have around 50 chickens. Downsized a little, but my hens upsized with more chicks again. So, I'd say, 30-35 (ish) hens, and 9-10 roosters. Used to have about 15 roosters though. Oh and two...
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    Baby chick Contest Ends June 30

    Awe, thank you!
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    Baby chick Contest Ends June 30

    Oh my :love That is so sweet!
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    Pullet unable to use her legs.

    Thank you...:). I'm so worried about her.
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    Baby chick Contest Ends June 30

    Chicca, day old in this pic, muscovy; (Very sadly Chicca, and her siblings died when I went away (Mama duck wouldn't care for them so I took them off her)....they were 5 ish weeks old, the person I left to care for them didn't do what I asked them to....:()
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    Baby chick Contest Ends June 30

    Great, thanks!
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    Pullet unable to use her legs.

    Well, she has lost a lot of weight, and after reaching out to someone on BYC, I've also figured out that she is very dehydrated. I've resulted to tube-feeding, and although I was nervous about it, I just managed to get 25ml of sugar water into keep her hanging in, until I figure out...
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    2 Two Month Old Chicks Fighting?

    The frizzle is definitely a cockerel. Like someone mentioned before, they are just sorting out the pecking order.... mine do that too. As long as they aren't drawing blood, I wouldn't be too worried about it.
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    July Hatch-a-Long

    Aw, wish I could join but both of the incubator's have died :hitI think I incubated too much, so maybe its good to have a little break. I'll follow y'all, and with any luck, maybe one of my hens/ducks/turkeys will go broody. Cant wait to see some fuzzy little chick pictures :love Good luck...
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    Pullet unable to use her legs.

    Echo has been doing.... okay today. I'm having to assist her in eating/drinking as she seems too weak to do it on her own, but if I just put the food to the side of her beak she seems to swallow it (same for water). I got her baby food, and I mix the Vitamin B complex in with it; I'm feeding...
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    Incubating Australian black swan eggs

    Would love to see pictures, I bet they are adorable. :)
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