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    Yes My Hen is Crowing.

    I had the unfortunate experience of having my rooster that we raised from a hatchling die. It was an unexpected death. He just one day got weak and the next day passed. He was only 2 yrs old. However within a week of him passing, one of our 6 yr old Orpington/Black Polish hens started crowing. I...
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    screaming/screeching hen !?!?

    So happy I found this post. I have a hen that stands at the run door and just screams.. I know it is because she wants out of the run.. but I have a set time I let them out and she will just stand there and scream.. She is a black crested polish/buff orp mix. She does get broody often and I let...
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    How to Foster new babies with Broody.. HELP?!?

    tried it 7 both mommas immediately got upset.. So I will just put them under cover & let them all get used to one another.. hopefully in a couple/few weeks we will be fine..
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    Newbie and chicks hatching!!

    I just had two broody hens hatch some eggs.. ended up with 2 babies.. WELL I just let nature take its course. I put a chick waterer down and some chick crumbles.. but mostly the moms have done the work. I am actually seeking advice on sneeking 2 new babies under them tonight.. fingers Crossed...
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    How to Foster new babies with Broody.. HELP?!?

    So I have a black sex link that has decided to become broody the last couple days.. Can I graft the chicks under her?? Or do they need to sit for the full 21 days first. Any help would be GREAT! Thanks In Advance!
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    How to Foster new babies with Broody.. HELP?!?

    My daughters 2nd grade had eggs hatch on Mothers Day. We put the babies in the coop under a wire mesh cover. Well apparently this kick started the hormones in 2 of my ladies (Thing 2 & Mini). So I asked the neighbor for some fertilized eggs.. she gave me 12. I thought perfect! Well Thing 2 broke...
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    Chicken seems a little drunk.

    Husband made the decision to Cull the chicken. He said he didn't want to take any chances and the vet nearby told him that it sounded like Mareks Neuro.. despite the age of the chicken. .. It was getting pecked at my our other hens.. Just getting worse and worse.. We did check the feed and coop...
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    Symptoms of Wry neck

    Wondering the same thing... Lots of talk about it but no list of symptoms! ??
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    Chicken seems a little drunk.

    Thanks! I will look into the diseases you mentioned. She is a RIR and we got her as an adult so the age is estimated between 2 & 4 yrs old.
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    Chicken seems a little drunk.

    We can't find any sign of injury. She just can't seem to keep her balance. Her legs look fine. Her poo is normal, eyes look good, comb bright red.. drinking and eating.. even attempting to forage. We give them organic feed and let them free range in the afternoons. Could it be neurological. When...
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    Second Round

    Here we go again. The day we took our Roo (Slick) to the feed store we picked up 6 chicks. 2 BO, 2 RIR, & 2 BLK Sex Links.. Unfortunately one of the BSL's didn't make it.. It just wouldn't eat & the other chicks were pecking at it. I did all I could but she died in the night. My oldest...
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    New2thischicks Member Page

    Hi.. So where to start. In late March early April 2010 my daughters kindergarten class had asked for some fertilized eggs to be donated for hatching. It was going to be a science experience... not experiement. We asked a neighbor and he gave us 3 fertilized eggs. During a Bday party we noticed...
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    Why Aren't My Chickens Laying? Here Are Your Answers!

    I have an RIR and a Black Sex Link that I got the first of May.. My RIR started laying over a month ago, but I have yet to see my BSL lay or even show interest in laying.. We have 7 older girls who are molting and only 1 of them is laying.. So out of 9 chickens I am getting 2 eggs a day. I would...
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    Old Fashioned Broody Hen Hatch A Long and Informational Thread

    Congrats! Just watch to make sure no one else is messing with the baby. I know here, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE DARES mess with mama. She will leave the nest when ready to show the little one what to do. move the nesting box to ground level. If she and the chick are already down, my...
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    Old Fashioned Broody Hen Hatch A Long and Informational Thread

    OK.. SOOO! The first week of May I had a hen go broody.. Tried to break her and nothing worked. The first week of June I got a fertilized egg from a neighbor.. Well sometime yesterday this little egg hatched. Only one chick. I have a couple questions. First what do I watch for? When will she...
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