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    Crested Cream Legbar markings

    Its true, those marking are the sign of the pattern gene(Pg) where did she get those markings from is a mistery but anything can be expected from hatchery birds
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    Black tailed buff marans

    Co/Co, Mh/Mh and Di/Di will do that on a wheaten base, for example: eWh/eWh + Co/Co mh+/mh+ = Co alone will turn the gold tone to a buff color and will leave neck pattern, Wheaten being the least of the melanized e allele will not allow for saddle pattern on columbian base for example this...
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    Easter Egger questions?

    Easter Eggers were brought from South America in the 1930s, Mostly Quechua strains with pea combs, the blue egg shell gene is either linked to the Pea Comb(on breeds like Quechua, Araucana, Colloncas, Ameraucanas) or to the Single Comb on breeds like Cream Legbars, Isbars. Close linkage means...
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    Marans genetics

    non at all, as the sex linked barring gene is different from silver or gold
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    Black tailed buff marans

    I really doubt Db is in any line of Marans, Db has a remarkable effect on the females. Db on females will show a pattern, not as crisp as Autosomal brring(combined effect of Db and Pg as in buttercup hens), but very visible, for example the Ginger Old English Bantam hens, they are e+, Db/Db...
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    Egg Color Genetics

    Not only larger, but should be more productive than regular Ameraucana, should be laying close to the pure leghorn egg production
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    Egg Color Genetics

    Its an incompletely dominant autosomal mutation, that means that O/o+ hens will lay a faded tone of blue as oposed to O/O hens
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    Blue mottled cochin chicks

    On the list you show I don't see the a blue mottled breeding parent mentioned, this means that the only mottled parents are the regular black mottled, if they are crossed with blue you will get 50% blue and 50% black non-mottled chicks that are recessive for mottling but will not show it at...
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    Araucanas genetics question

    True, but its rarely mentioned in an informal setting like these forums and most people are not aware of the difference between incomplete, complete and co-dominance of some genes, for example dominant white is actually co-dominant
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    Black tailed buff marans

    The chances of Mahogany and Di working together on bev lines of Black Tailed Buff Marans are very low, specially since it was not a coordinated effort starting with a self buff line(the only known lines to carry both Mh, Di and Co)
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    Araucanas genetics question

    its completely dominant as Rp/rp+ are as rumpless as Rp/Rp, most genes are either incompletely dominant or co-dominant
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    Araucanas genetics question

    It means its not sex linked and its inherited in pairs(Rp/Rp) on both gender
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    Araucanas genetics question

    This trait is caused by an autosomal dominant, non lethal gene (rumpless Rp gene located on chromosome 2)
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    Autosexing cross/breed creation

    This trait is caused by an autosomal dominant, non lethal gene (rumpless Rp gene located on chromosome 2)
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