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    chickens have worms

    I need to know what to do.. one pooped and i noticed the worm squirming there.. I can deworm a dog, but never done a chicken before...
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    large knot on the foot
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    large knot on the foot

    I don't know what it is, i am thinking bumble foot.. let me know what you need to know, so i can get you info... I know it is sore, and she limps, but no loss in appetite, or egg production...
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    What kind of UGLY duckling is this?

    HaleMoa - not really sure how old it is, I had taken my son to the park today to feed the ducks and that is when I seen this one, thought it was a muscovy but was not sure.
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    Quote: you the one i seen on huntsville craigslist?? I am looking for some more layers.. i hope i could get a turkey, but the DW won't have it
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    Post your FIRST EGG pics!

    This is our first egg, the one on the left is a store bought egg, our RIR had this one, we now have a Barred Rock and SLW laying.
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    blood in the egg

    i cracked an egg the other day and there was a coupla blood spots in it, what could that be?? it was a FRESH egg laid just that morning. I can't see where i could have been fertilized because i don't have any roos.. unless the dog snuck in there....
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    hoping not eggbound

    they say if you soak your hen in warm water that that helps.. i know that much...
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    hoping not eggbound

    ok, my chickens finally laid day before yesterday i got 2 eggs, then yesterday i got 1 egg, we saw her lay, and i was curious if the one that laid the other day could be egg bound, i guess what i need to know is how to check them for it, i felt under their belies and the br felt kinda weird...
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    2 free Barred Rock Roosters

    I have 2 Barred Rock roosters for free. We have 6 hens and just want the eggs to eat and we are not interested in hatching. My wife will not eat the eggs as long as a rooster is in with the hens. lol They are very healthy and very well taken care of. I am located in Madison, Alabama. The...
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    free chickens i found on craigslist huntsville alabama
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    hey firem, you know where the rock buildings are on 411??
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    Quote: Well next time i go to moody i may have to help you get rid of the extras you don't
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