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    Rooster or Hen ?

    Still pullets, but not really seeing brahma here.....are they a project?
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    Easter egger sexing

    Both are pullets
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    Huge combs on ISA Browns

    Keep in mind "spent" can mean jyst 18 months old, depending on the cycling being used by the producer...dome will do a force molt and then keep through the second cycle, others dont bother
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    Does crowing always mean a roo?

    In young birds, yes, the "crowing hens" people talk about are mature birds that experience a shift in later life due to various causes. And your pic only confirms have a cockerel
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    Huge combs on ISA Browns

    Because they do.....not being flippant, but that's the answer. Production bred lines, such as these, have lots of high production genetics bred into the parent stock breeds used for them. Leghorn isn't a primary breed used, because their dominant white does not function the same as silver in...
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    California White Leghorn..... Pullet or Cockerel

    This is one of those that I would have in my questioning group where I sorting birds in my own flock. There is more comb, and more importantly color, then one would typically expect to find in a pullet at 9 weeks (even of this breeding)but less than one would expect to see in a cockerel at this...
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    Pullet or Cockerel? EE maybe Ameracauna

    Ee cockerel. Male saddle/hackle feathers are still a few weeks out, but the darker shading on the wingbow and that comb relative to age = cockerel
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    Are theae Delawares?

    Honestly I can't really say from this photo. The legs in the photo appear more white than yellow, but that could also just be the way the lighting is affecting it. What color to the legs look like in person? Also while there appears to be some markings at the hackles, again the photo is not...
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    Gender & Breed? 6 week old chick

    Feathered yellow not marans (they are white legged).....single comb......not seeing anything in their list for the assortment that matches. Did you receive exactly the number ordered? If an extra was included it can be any breed they hatch
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    Grit for 1 week old chicks

    This is a good read on grit
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    Grit for 1 week old chicks

    I brood as close to naturally as possible....a hen takes her brood out to forage for grit and natural food items in the first week. I introduce the same experiences at the same time. The increased activity promotes good gut motility, coupled with a natural day/night cycle and more natural...
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    Rooster or Hen ?

    All are female.
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    At 5 weeks that comb and wattle color can only mean cockerel.
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    Easter egger sexing

    That bird is all pullet
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