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    broody hen complex

    I do intend to let the hens keep the chicks for a while, not sure how long. I don't really need anymore chickens so I will probably sell them. They are the 2nd generation from chicks I purchased from Jerry Foley in Kentucky, so they are very very pretty chickens. I sold an extra rooster to a man...
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    Coop Design help needed...

    OK, first of all you need to know how much space is needed per chicken. The average rule is 4 sq feet per bird in the coop and 10 sq feet per bird in the run. Are you talking about just having a 4x8 run underneath the coop? If that is the case you only have room for 3 chickens, unless they are...
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    Overhead fencing / netting questions free range

    It depends on your situation. What type of fence is around your garden? Will it keep out any wandering dogs? Are you located in the country where hawks would be more of a problem, or a more suburban area. I live somewhat in the country and let my chickens out of their 12x20 covered run almost...
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    broody hen complex

    Hi all BYC'ers! I have a situation and I hope someone on here can give me some more ideas. I have a 6x8 coop with a 12x20 covered run with 4 nest boxes. I have 8 hens and one roo. I have 4 hens who have gone broody and I want to make like a broody hen complex separate from the original coop and...
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    Golden laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster

    My neighbor is looking for a young gold laced wyandotte rooster or cockerel, if anyone has one they dont need. He is located in Cabot, north of Jacksonville, Ar. Thanks!
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    Arkansas folks speak up.........

    Hi from Cabot, Ar.
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    New Coop, run, and pens put together

    Very nice set up, but the chicken wire will not keep predators out. It is only designed to keep chickens in. Dogs, coons, coyotes, possums can all get through chicken wire. I always use 1x2 welded wire on my run. I have also put hardware cloth around the bottom about 2.5 or 3 feet tall. Coons...
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    saving fertile eggs...

    I put mine in a medium sized cooler with a frozen gallon jug of water, in an egg carton. I do tilt the egg carton from one side to the other...when I think about it. The frozen gallon jug will keep the temp about 55-60 for a day or so, depending on outside temps of course. I just swap out the...
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    Arkansas folks speak up.........

    If possible have a separate pen to quarantine new chickens in for a month or so. That way you don't risk infecting your whole flock if you do buy a chicken/chick that is sick.
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    eggs in the 'bator!

    I put almost 2 dozen LF SLW eggs in my 'bator on the 5th. I hope I get a mess of pullets! Love my pretty girls and my 2 handsome roos.
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    Black snake in egg nest

    We do kill them when we find them. My brother has killed 3 big black snakes and 2 copperheads. One black snake was coming out of the run when he walked by the run on his morning walk. Another he found in the coop. That one was found after my 2 hens were found dead. So I just wondered if the...
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    Black snake in egg nest

    I have had 3 black snakes in my chicken run so far in the last 2 years. Pretty big ones too. My brother has found all 3 as he lets them out in the morning and shuts the run door every night. My question is this...has anyone ever found a snake trying to kill a full grown hen or mostly grown...
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    multiple broody hens

    Have you ever had multiple mommas in the same pen? I can probably make 3 small pens inside the main run, it just will be a pain to do.
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    3 broody hens

    I have 3 broody hens and I had 4 fertile eggs. 2 hens are sharing a nest, although I have 4 nests. Yesterday one of the eggs pipped in the nest with 2 hens and somehow the hens mashed it to death. I went to the coop last night to check on it and to candle the other eggs. I found another pipped...
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