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    How would you compare a Cornish roo to a Buckeye roo?

    are we talkin real cornish or cornish cross here?
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    What are the best breeds of poultry for flavor?

    interesting, can we add a goat and sheep category to this also? and can we get a nother category separating meat ducks and egg ducks?
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    Breeders in/around Sacramento, CA?

    i'm breeding some hmongs and also have some hmong rooster over non hmong hens. from south sac
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    Landrace Chickens

    hmong is a also another landrace
  5. Hmong chickens (Qaib Hmoob)

    Hmong chickens (Qaib Hmoob)

    Hmong chickens are a land-race chickens raised primarily by the Hmong hill tribes of East Asia and South East Asia. The Hmong chickens are a fibro-melanistic breed of chicken. Hmong chickens first arrived in the USA in the late 70s with the arrival Hmong refugees from Laos escaping a civil war...
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    which is this, any body can tell

    could be a jungle fowl hybrid or a game bird breed
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    Mosaic Chickens!

    pretty birds
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    The American Cemani Breeders forum

    why don't people want to make white cemani
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    Mix breeding

    actually quality old english have very full breasts of course not like cornish cross but for a small bird they pack much breast. plus most game birds tend to be breast heavy unlike their meditterainian cousins.
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    Review by '' on item 'Leghorn'

    really great layers but don't like handling much, mine wouldn't let me near them. i raised the whites and the browns, they were escape artists but for a good reason. they can evade a lot of predators
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    Red Jungle Fowl.

    ^^^i agree with peace is green,generally pure red jungle fowl hens have little to no combs. their bodies looks great though
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    Mix breeding

    want to try this myself too.
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat - Part 2 : Chicken Boogaloo.

    watching people go crazy in the comment section on the new video of a Brahma rooster coming off a nest. they were all hysterically misinformed.
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    Best Free Ranging Chickens.

    i also want to add that long tail breeds like phoenix and yokohamas are great free rangers. game breeds like old english, american games are all great birds for free ranging too. great mothers, tend to go broody but don't lay as much. if eggs are a priority go with Mediterranean breeds like...
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